Jenn said

Check out what this fellow Steepster is selling on Etsy!

Forum Police: There may well be a thread similar to this from years ago, but I’m starting a new thread intentionally.

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you what a fellow Steepster and dear friend of mine, Taryn , is selling on Etsy. Taryn makes the most adorable cup cozies that would make a perfect gift for any tea lover!

Better yet, buy a few cup cozies for yourself. I did and I’m so impressed by the quality and craftsmanship that I had to share my excitement with you all.

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I agree and love the the coffee cup & donut design. What a wonderful idea! It adds flare and it is better for the environment.

Jenn said

Yay! Thank you Rachel :)

But of course you are very welcome. I was just looking and drooling over it right now.

Thanks a great idea too. Btw, what are the care instructions?

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Very nice- I may pick up a sleeve!

Janefan said

Taryn is an absolute doll. I placed an order earlier this week but had a slight etsy/paypal problem that delayed my payment for a few days. She was incredibly patient and generous, whereas I think some sellers would have been less so. I would definitely order from her again, and am looking forward to my two mug sleeves – the hawaiian print for me in memory of a wonderful HI vacation 8 years ago, and the Elvis one for my little sister who’s a big fan (and coffee addict – still trying to get her into tea!)

Jenn said

I concur! Taryn is an absolute doll :)

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