FREE Wuyi Mountain Tea SAMPLE - From China Cha Dao eBay

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Meeka select said

Mine arrived today also…looking forward to trying them, thanks!

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Sorry about all the confusion in follow me etc. I did receive samplers. Just noting and saying thank you. Enjoying the robustness of the Da Hong Pao Wuyi Mount Chinese Oolong tea.

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pejsteven said

Hi Jerry, I came across this site by chance and I have follow you. I have bought a couple of stuffs from you in ebay and please follow me for the samples before I buy the ones i like from you guys. Thanks

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Starting to think my samples will never arrive. :*-(

Mine haven’t arrived either. At least I’m not the only one!

Uniquity said

Border guards enjoying good tea again, I bet. : )

I bet! They’re spoiled.

You’re so right.

teawing said

still waiting too…

Batrachoid said

I always imagined they have a run down cabin with a leopord fur carpeted floor and piles of expensive toiletries and cupboards overflowing with gourmet items… XD The same in the post offices on our side I bet.

Jerry Ma said

Seems maybe some of the parcel went into the custom!
Maybe they will arrive soon, or maybe the custom is drinking it already lol.
Please sent me a message if your sample hasn’t arrive!

Mine just arrived today, so there is hope! Thanks so much for the generous samples. I look forward to trying them.

You have given me some hope, I hope it shows up soon for me. :)

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Mine FINALLY arrived!
I had completely given up, but there they were, in my mailbox today.
Thanks Jerry, I look forward to trying and reviewing!

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Hello Jerry Ma that was awesome you were sending out samples for review. I am going to follow you. If you what any of your teas that has not got the attention it deserves please think of me and I would be glad to give a real down to earth review. I hope you had a great new year. The year of the dragon I believe. Take care my friend.

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aimeejp said

I followed you, as I am interested in these, please message me!~

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