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The first one looks like Xia Guan French Export Tuo. It’s a shu intially made for French market, although it’s exported to other countries too.

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Chef8489 said

Ok I am doing more research and what I think I am finding tea 1 is a ripe puerh where rea 3 is a raw. Both made by same factory.

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TeaVivre said

The first tea is named as Yunnan Tuocha, it is a pressed tea. It also use the name “ pu-erh tuocha” to export the foreign country before. The mian characteristics of this tea are: the brewed tea liquor is red brilliant, full of fragrance, and have mellow taste.

The second tea is named as Yuannan premium tea cake.

And the third tea is also a kind of Yunnan Tuocha, but is a the grade A Yunnan Tuocha.

The three Yunnan teas are all belong to pu-erh tea, a pressed pu-erh tea, also have the health benefits that the pu-erh tea have.

Hope this can help you.

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