How to "like" a review?

I may just be missing the obvious, but how do I “like” a tea review? I click the “# liked” button to no eval, have looked around the area of the review ad can’t find it. Help!


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Just click on the heart.

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Brittany said

You’re not alone in the confusion. It took me a while to figure that one out, too.

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Ah ha I thought it was a secret only know to tea masters, now we have insider knowledge, wonder if its worth anything on the stock market.

So slightly off topic, but I’m far to lazy to start my own thread. But I’ve noticed that it seems that some “like” every review that they see, seemingly without reading them in some occasions. Now I’m not complaining, I really don’t care either way it’s just that I’m too curious for my own good and as far as I see there is no advantage to doing this. Perhaps someone could shed some light on the mental process behind it. :)

Everyone has their own reasons for clicking on “Like” – personally, I click on like after I’ve read a review to mark that I’ve read it so that I can easily tell where I’ve left off.

Cofftea said

You’re getting more snobby by the day- it’s not an endearing quality. No one likes a snob.

My apologies I didn’t realize that it was snobbish to ask questions to try to understand something. But if it indeed is, its like my gran-pappy always said, “better to be a snob then to be a witch.”

Your post didn’t seem snobbish to me.

Angrboda said

What was the snobby bit about it? I can’t find it.

Ditto on the lack of snobbiness. As for the “like”-ing every review, I have to admit, it irritates me. When someone I’ve actually spoken to does it, I’m not willing to forgive, but when I first joined steepster, someone added me and immediately "like"d every review I wrote, and it annoyed me to the point that I messaged them and asked them to stop. To me, the like button is to be used only if you truly like the review, if it’s well written, made you laugh, or made you want to try the tea.

Now I sound like a snob XD. I’ve made my peace with it, it doesn’t bug me as much anymore, but still, I wish the “like” button would be used as more than just a read/unread marker by so many people. Which isn’t to say I won’t follow or talk to people who do it, or that it’s the wrong way to use it, it’s just not my personal choice.

(Don’t get mad at me, I love all of my steepster friiiiiends!)

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I do the same as LiberTeas. It’s easier to find since the browser fills up with so many reviews while I’m away at work!

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Ah the madness makes sense :), thanks for shedding some light.

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Thanks, guys!

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