Design A Tea sizes?

Has anyone ordered from Design A Tea?

Their order sizes are “small packet” and “large canister”… how much actual tea do you get? That’s pretty vague.

Thanks, all.

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Brittany said

I checked the site and this is what came up:

Select size and quantity:

Small bag – 10 bags (22g) or loose (30g)
Large carton – 20 bags (40g) or loose (60g)

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Yeah, that was all I could find and am not sure if that applies to their other containers or not… the ship some things as “small bad & large carton”, some things as “small glassine bag & large glassine bag” and others as “small packet & large canister”.

I’m not sure if they keep the gram amounts the same across the board or not. I think I’ll just email them, probably best just to go directly to the source lol.

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Double checked with them, those sizes seem to be the same no matter what the packaging!

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M said

Did you have a good experience with Design a Tea? Is it good quality? I saw this mentioned on Twitter and just wanted to double-check on whether it’s worth it. I know a sample is only $1 (for S&H) but I don’t want to go to the trouble of picking out something if the quality isn’t going to be great.

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