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Secret Tea Ingredients

I’m sure many of you have seen this recent news story, but I thought I’d post it to share.

Turns out, some blended teas have all kinds of other unlabled ingredients in them. I would guess they mostly tested traditional tea bags, it is rather surprising the things they found. The report keeps all of the brands and such anonymous. I recommend clicking through to the scientific article and looking at the table, which lists the teas (by their alphanumeric code), their listed ingredients, and what non-label ingredients were found.

Only 3 of 70 Camellia sinensis teas were found with non-label ingredients, while 21 of 60 herbal tisanes were found to with non-label DNA present. A number of herbals were found with unlabled chamomile, and a few with unlabled C. sinensis.

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I’ve been warned about this by family overly concerned about my “excessive” tea consumption… but never really knew where to research it. Thanks for the heads up!!

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