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Very cool! That’s why I stare at my tea glass for many minutes every time I make a green tea in a glass! Usually I make dragon pearls less concentrated than showed in the video but a little more won’t hurt!

Yeah, it’s fun to watch the tea! We usually make out Dragon Pearls less concentrated, but we were actually making the tea to be poured over ice – and expand noticably on video. ;)

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teaINfuse said

I love watching the tea open up any kind realy

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Just viewed the Dragon Peals video; amazing to see them leap above as they do. My mind kept shrieking “It’s alive, it’s alive” oh well I just don’t know how to appreciate loose leaf running amok.

Thank you for sharing, and I am learning.

Lol, I know, it’s certainly a lot scarier when you speed up the video! If you’re just learning about tea, you should check out the little internet show that my wife and I do weekly: http://blip.tv/the-tea-show

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