Matcha Latté Recipe

After a quick search thru topics I didn’t find one dedicated to Matcha Latté recipes so I thought I would start one. I have a recipe listed here… that I enjoy a lot and wondered if there other Steepster recipes out there I should be trying. I would be very interesting in seeing your recipes. Any Matcha drink recipe would be fun to check out and try. Please share and if you try my recipe I would love your feedback.

Thank you :)

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Azzrian said

Thanks Rachel! I used this today,

You’re welcome. Still more importantly how was it? :)

Azzrian said

Good I actually tweaked it a little – I just needed inspiration so did a search for Matcha Latte and this came up. Sometimes I get brain dead and can’t think on my own so need a nudge lol. I never follow any recipe really.
What I ended up doing was just adding milk, mexican vanilla, ice, german rock sugar, and whipped cream.

That’s great! Nothing wrong with a little inspiration :)

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Fjellrev said

Sounds really good!

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