Cofftea said

Professional Tea Tasting Journal

Does anyone know where I can find a professional tea tasting journal?

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~lauren. said

Cofftea, check this out! Annelise Pitt posted some journals and I thought you could take a look!

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AJ said

This actually had me turning to Cafepress to see if anyone had made journals with nice tea art on the front. Of course, I keep forgetting that the site’s been overrun by American Tea Party (?) stuff, so I had to sort through all of that to find some gems. I’m sure this isn’t what you meant by “professional” (although, I’m not really sure what you mean by THAT—I doubt there’s a company that makes actual “for the professionals” notebook journals), but these are coil journals with some nice (or humorous) tea art on the front that could be used as a tea journal of sorts.,117762203,18748696,52769144,228669395,261286600,262441890,351792454,308443875

(sorry, links were glitching without he extra line break in between each)

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