Amber said

Trucking and tea! Travel Mug Suggestions!!

My hubby is a truck driver and we can’t possibly live apart so I ride along with him!! : D

I am currently in search of a travel mug.
What I need:
-Durability… it has to withstand air ride suspention… lots of bouncing!
-Sealed cap… cannot have leaks of any kind… tea jumping out of the mug and making a sticky mess in our small living quarters would not be good… lol
-Strainer… easily cleaned…I also want to explore loose leaf tea!
-20 oz… anything bigger and I can’t drink it all… I know I don’t have to fill it all the way… lol
-Over all good quality
- Double walled… so I don’t burn maself or sweat water all over the place…
-Awesome looking is a plus!!

Any suggestions??

Also… does anyone know of a good 12 volt kettle of some sort that plugs into a car outlet?? Our converter isn’t powerful enough to even make a pot of coffee…it doesn’t need to be grotesquely large… but quaintly tiny is good.


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Joy’s Teaspoon carries a pair of travel mugs that would work! The TEAzer and the MajesTEA would both work well. However, the TEAzer has a spot in the lid where you can set the strainer.

Shoot me a note with any questions! [email protected]

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Alana237 said

I have a brugo mug from Teapigs – they ship internationally although they are based in the UK. It’s really good at keeping things warm for ages, doesn’t sweat and mine never leaks. They aren’t too expensive, either.

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We have a mobile tea pot with a built-in reusable filter.

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