Rasseru said

which regions produce the fruitiest puerh? (in the classic sens)

I know that you can get varying teas from different places, but I mean in the classic sense, like I know the classic yiwu taste, which i would not call ‘fruity’ per se. and how it differs from menghai.

I am searching for something equal to what happened to me drinking the crimson lotus fancy jingmai which was too expensive then sold out. It had a certain fruit character I am looking for (its like cool/camphor/ripe fruit taste, but really hard to just call it that, deep like mango & passion fruit mix, not citrus)

Going to start with more jingmai but would like to hear others who have noticed trends from different regions (even if very broad and not easily 100% to guarantee)

or just any recommendation for something like mango & passion fruit mix

Im kinda looking for good Dan cong intensity

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Bitterleaf said

I find Menghai regions teas can have some stone fruit character to them, especially with a bit of age. For drinkability in young age I would pick something like Mengsong over a Bulang region tea. In a few years that fruitiness is even more pronounced.

I suppose some Jingmai teas can have a fruitiness, but I don’t usually associate them with that so much as orchid-floral and fragrant – then again there are no hard and fast rules.

Another that I’ve found fairly fruity flavours with is Yibang. In this case it’s more of a citrusy, slightly brighter fruit-like flavour.

So yeah, those are my recommendations, Mengsong and Yibang.

Rasseru said

Interesting – my other favourite tea I own is a mengsong.

Maybe I liked the jingmai because it was floral as well as being fruity – ive got a thing for floral teas, Oolongs in particular.

Thanks for the insight

mrmopar said

I second the Mengsong area productions.

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