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Price and Sustainability: What is Overpriced Tea?

The following article by Alex Zorach was posted on The Association of Tea Blogger’s Facebook page. Enjoy.

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Thanks, Cofftea. I just read the article, and I really like what he had to say about how to view the value/price of tea.

One thing he didn’t include in his definition of the quality of tea is its potential health benefits (“In the case of tea, the quality encompasses the flavor, aroma, and to some degree, appearance and ease of brewing of the tea leaf”). As I am sure many do I drink tea for many reasons, including the “health benefits” for lack of a better word. Along with the qualities he mentions above, I also seek out tea that has as high a concentration of theanine, (or L-theanine) as possible. I have looked into this extensively, and have found that there is much research to support that theanine promotes relaxation, alertness, and a number of other (beneficial) things. And I have personally found that drinking green tea does indeed help me in these ways.

In my research, I have found many reports to state that the higher the grade, and the fresher the tea (at least with green, yellow and white tea) the more likely it is to have higher concentrations of amino acids, polyphenols, etc.

Anyway, that’s a teeny bit of my two cents of the subject (I could easily say much more, but for now …). I look forward to hearing any other views on this.

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Good article.

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