oceanica said

Wuyi Origin -- one of the best!

I have just finished a trial of several teas from Wuyi Origin ( Cindy ). I found them to be really superior, very consistent high quality, from a very nice vendor. I recommend that you try some, I think you will like what you get.

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Rasseru said

Yeah i have heard, and made, an order with her. Looking forward to getting my hands on their dan cong

It’s very good tea! I wonder if there would be interest in a group buy.

Rich select said

I’d participate.

Seconded. Great teas, and Cindy is a pleasure to work with.

Indeed all i tried from them has been from very enjoyable to outstanding. Even though we might not get the real prime tea in the west, this is probably as close as it can get…

Sarararah said

I have stayed there for almost four years, and I like Dahongpao best. Cos it tastes great and the special story of it’s name.

Rasseru said

Best thing they can do is be honest about their tea, there are too many stories about gushu and health benefits.

1 honest grower is worth 10 shops

Already 4years I drink Cindy family’Tea.Amazing tea ,nice people .Just ordered some aged Oolong from her

I am new to Wuyi Origin Tea and ordered a bunch of Cindy’s teas in a leap of faith.. and I wasn’t disappointed. All of their teas looked and tasted like they are well prepared. And it’s really a great thing to buy teas directly from the buyer. Cindy was kind enough to answer all my queries. Highly recommended!

tea_twig said

Cindy asked me to let some of her Wuyi Origin fans know about her free shipping this month (usually $10), and that she’s about to add more 2019 teas to the website. I’m a big fan of her teas so I placed an(other) order – already 2nd or 3rd this year :D This time I’ve ordered different wuyi blacks, blended da hong pao, plus a couple of 2019 dancongs as Cindy said the DCs are even better than her 2018 ones. Looking forward to it :))

The website still charges $10 for shipping – must be an error!

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