Multiple steepings of Pu-erh?

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TeaVivre said

I usually brew pu-erh tea for many times, I do like multiple steeping. Generally, we can choose a Gaiwan or Sand-fired pot to brew pu-erh. When I use the Gaiwan to brew this tea, firstly, I’d like to rinse the tea to wake up the tea. But we should pay attention that the rinsing time should not last a long time. After rinsing, I will use Gaiwan to do short infusion, this is a better way to taste its original flavor, compared
it to the western brewing style. When using Gaiwan, just put put approximately 5 grams and brew in 100 to brew only 15 seconds, with an additional 10-15 seconds is added to the steeping each time

If your are interested in the way to brew a cup of pu-erh tea, you may check the article: for your details.

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Pu-erh is super versatile. The dim sum places in Boston and Manhattan just through some pu-erh into a big pot and throw in a bunch of water and let it steep indefinitely.
But if you really want to get all the stages of flavor, you should brew pu-erh in the gongfu style. In that case, for shu pu-erh, I follow this brewing guide:
5g of tea leaves
90 mL of water
90* Celsius
Rinse leaves (for shu only, sheng is fine without the rinse)
1st Steeping: 20 seconds
2nd: 30 seconds
3rd: 50 seconds
4th: 80 seconds
5th: 120 seconds

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I use the Yixing with a generous amount of leaf. I rinse for maybe 10 seconds. I am not a quick steeper. I may let the first steep go 4 minutes. I brew till I feel the tea has lost its charm. Depending on the tea, you may get 30 steepings….

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Thanks for the blog on Shu and sheng.

I like tea bags because they are simpler. Water preferably spring water and a pot; then boiled the water and pour into cup with tea bag in it. Thus is why I like Numi Emperor’s Pu-erh teas.

The sampler pu-erh I received I thought to break off a bit and boil it very hot and long. Then the next steep I decided to follow along, rinse twice, throw out water, boil the water and to warm the cup or container prior to steeping the tea and to let steep about 5-6 minutes.

I find most pu-erh I have sampled to be the same consistence; raw mineral like or taste of natural supplements: zinc, sulfur and Iron.

As said: “Just a reference” do what is comfortable for you in keeping with recommendations.

I am so far from being expert, or a good tea drinker, but I know what I like.

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Hello, not sure if this answers your questions. But I just uploaded a video of HOW to Prepare Puer Tea :)

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YellowMe said

About two minutes for the first steep. Then you only need about 30 for the second. 35 for the third…. And then raise it by 5 seconds each time. With a really good Sheng pu erh, I usually can get 20 infusions before it loses its taste. The third steep is my fav. Good luck!

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