Sarararah said

Lapsang Souchong

I like black teavery much, especially lapsang souchong. Wuyishan, a place famous for it’s cultural heritate,is known for it’s tea industry. I’ve been there, there are so many factories products tea.

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It’s also my favorite. Where do you buy that tea? I am trying to look some for my parents.

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That would be awesome if those other two people posting are bots, if they could string together related concepts that well. Chenyswhite is definitely a human; she posts too much and smashes past the Turing test. It’s probably come up here often enough that it’s a given but Wuyi Origin sells good lapsang souchong online, a producer that also sells tea directly. It’s not smoked tea though; I don’t really know of a good source for the smoked versions.

gschuschke said

I agree that Wuyi Origin sells great lapsang souchong. I’ve purchased the 2017 wild lapsang souchong and love it but no its not smoked. I would trust Cindy from Wuyi Origin with recommendations of a smoky lapsang

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Intensely smokey, tarry, beguilingly dark…It sounds like the description of a fragrance I’d like to spray on my wrists, but instead these words are about Lapsang Souchong, perhaps my most beloved tea. I think it tastes specially!

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That’s not a bad idea, to make a fragrance infusion from a tea. I would imagine more or less “steeping” one in the right type of alcohol would to it. Probably just adding a few grams of dry tea to a couple ounces of grain alcohol would work as a starting point. I’m not really into perfumes but it would be cool for a woman to walk around smelling like a high mountain oolong, or a cinnamon-like Rou Gui, or maybe the first with a touch of flower added, or the second mixed with some real cinnamon.

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Hezo541 said

Wuyishan Dahongpao is one of Chinese famous tea, maybe you could have a try.

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