Need matcha recommendations! Please help!

Hi everyone! I’ve been gone for awhile from the tea scene, and it seems that since I stopped drinking tea religiously some of my favorite shops have closed their doors! I searched the archives for “matcha” but a lot of the things it pulled up were so old, I feel like they are no longer relevant. Can anyone give me some rec’s for where I can get my hands on some flavored matcha? Thank you!

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Sarararah said

Try to buy it online. And choose those online tea shops with many customers.P.S. As I know, Japan is famous with its matcha.

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Ralf said

You want matches? They used to sell those everywhere. But I realize times are changing. Back in my day, they sold matches at every store and there were plenty of choices. Good ol’ Rosebud matches. They were the greatest. Nice firm durable wood and a perfect light every time. Then lighters became all the rage. What can you do with a lighter that you can’t do with matches?! Now it’s those long clicky grill-lighter things that never seem to light right unless you click them 10 times. It’s terrible I tell ya. Last week all I wanted was a box of regular wooden matches so I could light a campfire. I had to talk to some young man I thought worked in the store and it turned out he was just wearing a plain shirt that looked like an employee shirt. But he helped me anyway and so I got my matches. I don’t like change!

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I’d suggest taking a peak at either Matcha Outlet or 3 Leaf Tea if you’re looking for flavoured matcha in particular…

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Matcha Outlet and I recommend their Madagascar Vanilla wholeheartedly! Actually to be honest I only get matcha from Matcha Outlet.. I shall have to check 3 Leaf Tea now since Roswell recommended it.

Roswell your evil they have a cinnamon hot chocolate.. not tea or matcha I know but I had to click on it after checking the cinnamon matcha.

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