Stove kettle, electric kettle, or other? Brands?

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Inkling said

I’ve been using a Hamilton Beach temperature-controlled electric kettle for 4 years now and LOVE it! It was fairly inexpensive (around $30 I think?), heats water to an accurate temperature and keeps it warm for up to an hour, has an auto shutoff that keeps it from boiling dry, and…a feature I discovered just recently…can be pre-programmed to heat a certain temperature at a certain time. Now I wake up to boiling water ready to pour into my mug every morning and it’s awesome! :)

I also have a smaller Chantal gooseneck electric kettle that I got on sale for $18 at Target a few months ago. I bought that one to keep on my desk at work because water from the company pot always tasted faintly like coffee. :( That one isn’t temperature controlled, but it’s been a good solution for making black or herbal tea at work.

Fitz said

Donkey’s years ago I had a “Teasmade”, really miss it – it was a great way to ease into the day, gentle simmering noise for a min n a half, then steamy syphoning noise for 20 seconds, don’t think I ever heard the alarm as I was always awake to knock it off before it started.

And a cuppa ready for me every morning.

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I use electric. I love the convenience, and most electrics are safer than stoves. It quickly boils the water. If you pay attention, you can stop the water from boiling, and get the perfect temperature.

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Not sure if this should be a separate thread, but what about outdoor brewing? Thermos? Camp stove? charcoal and cast iron?

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MrQuackers said

One other idea, if you have a lot of people who drink tea in your house.

There are asian made dispensers which always keep water hot. You just press the button for hot water. About $100 for a Toshiba model.

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Audrey said

We have a Breville one touch and it’s amazing, and very easy to use! you can use the pre-sets or customize it…….totally worth the higher price tag.

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TnDave said

Picked up a Krups today. Works well. Around $50…temp hold, presets and auto shutoff.

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I have this one (the metric version in Celcius):
Its temperature controlled and has a range just wide enough for delicate teas to boiling. Double walled, stay warm feature. The only thing it does not have is the gooseneck design on something like a Bonavita. I almost bought the Breville One Touch (sold as Solis here and as Sage I think in the UK) but then I discovered gong fu style brewing.

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mahjongfan said

I love my Cuisinart Perfect Temp Kettle, it is so convenient – correct temperature based on the tea type, can keep water temp at desired heat level, and turns off (if set to) when temperature is reached. Love it!

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