Has anyone ever 'read' their tea leaves or had them read?

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I have been to a place in Nanaimo, BC who do tea leaf readings. I had an appointment with the owner, and she was phenomenal! there were other tables next to us with another tea leaf reader, but she wasn’t very good.. but the owner, first thing she asked me was “you have a male relative that passed away before he was 30, on your father’s side that you’ve never met” UMM. I was kind of creeped out because I do, and given that my father’s side of family is very small (my father has one brother,) this lady was not just pulling some strings and matching up theories with faical expressions people make. She spent the next half an hour telling me so many awesome things about my past, present and future, and i would say she was pretty dead-on. It was an awesome experience, but i do think it depends on how good the reader is.

omg I wanna go to Nanaimo now!! :)
that sounds like fun. The few times I’ve had any sort of reading done, only half of it rang true, and it was so generic…

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So I accidentally came across this conversation when I was looking for the tea leaf reading book I just wrote. I have been reading tea leaves for 16 years. I published my book just this August adapted by the way I have taught people how to do tea leaf reading. As some of you have said, it depends on the tea leaf reader. Just like any profession you have the same variation – good, in the middle, and just maybe should retire or chose the wrong profession (think teachers, social workers, lawyers and others here). It is something that if you love like I do you just keep on doing and in the beginning practising and practising. I was nervous and curious the first time I went to a tea leaf reader sixteen years ago. Then I taught myself how with little bits of information at the beginning. I have a lot of people refer me because of my accuracy. I have been interviewed by a local cable television show and newspaper. I have a full time job in a totally different area but have been doing this along the way to help me sustain my children. I am an absolute die hard tea drinker so am glad I came across this site for many reasons. Have a cup of tea for me everyone!

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