Coffee Anyone?

Okay, I am sorry if I ruffle any feathers but I am just curious. Does anyone here enjoy a good cup of coffee? I know we love our tea for obvious reasons (Asking this question on a tea review site and all) I for one usually enjoy a cup in the morning and usually that will do me. The rest of the day would be tea and A LOT of it. I also drink my coffee like my tea. I try to find unique coffee of great quality from a wide variety of farms around the world. My favorite is Kona Coffee, followed by Jamaican. I loved Kona before visiting Hawaii last year and even more after visiting a few coffee farms. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to visit any coffee farms in Jamaica when I was there years back but will make it a point next time I make it there.

I do put a lot more of myself into tea than coffee (25% Coffee & 75% Tea) but I do enjoy a good cup of coffee. Basically I was just curious of any of you were into coffee too and how big apart of your life it is?

Thanks :)

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Angrboda said

I went to an introduction to coffee tasting once with a colleague at a local coffee shop. It was really quite interesting how many of the same things that affect the outcome of a tea production have a similar relevance with coffee, like for example growing height and temperature of water when brewing. Even how many seconds it takes to make an espresson shot! I didn’t know that. I think we got to taste some five or six different coffees all in all and I was surprised at how much of a difference there was between them.

I like coffee to an extent, I drink ‘traditional’ filter coffee every once in a blue moon and preferably with milk. Mostly though, with coffee, I prefer a latte, maybe with hazelnut syrup in, or rarer, a cappucino.

Generally though, I like tea better. I’ve never been a ‘real’ coffee drinker, if there is such a thing.

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I love coffee! If everything else can be called “herbal tea”, why can’t coffee, which is made of perfectly botanic fiber? ;-)

Angrboda said

You know, I’ve wondered the same thing more than once. :)

hehe me to, I posted about that in a tea review not long ago :P

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kaybee said

As much as I love tea (quite a bit), coffee is still my favorite. It’s my get-up-and-go drink, while tea is my sit-down-and-relax drink.

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Uniquity said

I don’t like the taste, smell or look of coffee – never have. My mother has been a multi-pot a day strong black coffee drinker my whole life and I never got around to liking it. The smell alone turns me off most of the time.

Wow that is a lot of coffee in a day.

Uniquity said

That it is! And she wonders why she has stomache trouble occasionally.. : )

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I used to drink coffee daily until I realized that it was making me sick. My system simply can’t handle the caffeine in coffee. I can handle the caffeine in tea, yerba mate and guayusa. But not coffee. Back then, when I was drinking coffee every day, I drank tea only on occasion. When I realized that it was coffee that was making me sick, I switched to tea and I actually prefer it to coffee. Occasionally, I find myself missing the aroma and flavor of coffee, but not very often… I drink far more tea now than I did coffee back then. Tea is just better – in my opinion.

So now, I’m kind of like coffee – ICK! Evil! Eww!


That was my issue too. I drank a cup a day, sometimes too until I realized that was what was causing a lot of my migraines and tummy trouble. Amazing that once I stopped I felt better – still get the migraines, but fewer and far between.

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Spot52 select said

I love the smell. I want to like it, but I do not like the taste. I don’t even like coffee flavored ice cream. I could load it up with creamer, but that just seems to be counter productive. But I don’t need another caffeine addiction.

I’m the same way! I love the smell of coffee and used to wish I could like it, but I can’t even handle coffee-flavoured things. I don’t even like sweetener in my tea so that doesn’t seem like the solution for me. Tea starts out tasty (for me) so I’ll stick with it.

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ssajami said

I used to drink a TON of coffee, but at some point it started giving me headaches. I switched to tea, fell in love with the taste, depths and variety of teas, and don’t miss coffee at all. Well, almost….I still adore the smell of freshly brewed coffee and will enjoy an occasional espresso, but only if it’s of good quality.

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I grew up on Folger’s drip coffee at my mother’s house and still like a cup when I’m visiting.

At home, my husband bought me a little cheap and podunk espresso machine and I’ve experimented some with different coffees in it. Some have been really yummy.

I’m much more a tea drinker, but now and then a good cup of homemade cappuccino hits the spot!

I actually have one like this just an older model and it gets fun experimenting with it. The cool thing is the more you use the better the drinks taste. It is simalar to seasoning it. Kind of like a Yixing pot for oolong with obvious differences. Pretty cool.

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Anna Vu said

I used to work at Starbucks and one of the things I would do was go around doing tastings of various coffees just so I have a sense of the difference between blends. Coffees definitely can take in a lot of different flavors however, I must admit that I always found coffee to be too earthy for me (i.e. it tastes like dirt).

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I worked at Starbucks too and learned quite a bit as we tasted coffees from around the world and I have to admit coffee was my first love, then came tea. But I love them both. I loved how pairing a certain kind of coffee with a certain kind of food would make them both taste completely different and more amazing than they did on their own. It was so interesting. One of my most favorite pairings was Ethiopia Sidamo and lemon pound cake. Together they tasted so delicious it was hard to believe.

Sounds yummy and I think it would have been dangerous if I worked at Starbucks ever.

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