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Yixing Advice

I just purchased a Da Hong Pao Clay Wen Dan Yixing teapot – 160ml, and I’m wondering about proper curing technique. I know to only use one tea with it, I know that over time it’ll season, and I know to be careful with it, as it’s a bit different than the yixing one normally encounters. I’ve been told to fully immerse it in a strong pot of tea, but the thing is, of the tea I want to use it with, I have very little of it.

So actually, any advice on how to properly care for it would be great. I know about brewing, how much tea to use, how long it brews, fairness cup, etc.

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xhado123 said

Here’s a link, if anyone’s curious. http://www.jas-etea.com/products/Da-Hong-Pao-Clay-%22Pomelo%22-Wen-Dan-Yixing-teapot-%252d-160ml.html They also have a great roasted tigyunayin.

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Here is something I wrote a while ago about the (almost) most tedious way of pre-seasoning a yixing.

But I view it in a half joking way and only prepare my yixing with hot water bath for many many times.

As for brewing, there is the universal and useless answer, “it depends” :-p But really it depends on the tea and your drinking habit :-D

xhado123 said

Sweet! Although most of the links seem to have died. Off to purchase Tofu!

Oops! Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t notice it.

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Cofftea said

There is a ton of great advice already on existing threads, please do a search for the words “yixing” or “yi xing” to find the info you’re looking for.

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There is quite a bit of information on this forum and on the web but the best way to find specific information is of course to ask.

I am curious though if you only have a small amount of this tea and no way to replenish your source, then why are you devoting a yixing pot to it?

If you have no tea to waste you can just start using it and over time it will season itself. Not the best way to do it and it sounds like you’ll probably run out of tea before that happens.

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