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Yogic Chai will donate 35% of August sales to East Africa humanitarian response

We feel quite sad with what is happening in East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia) and most likely, you feel the same way.

The UN has called this East Africa’s worst drought in 60 years.

Thankfully, organizations like SaveTheChildren.org are out there on the grounds doing everything they can do to help. They have already launched a major humanitarian response in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, feeding tens of thousands of underweight children, providing life-saving medical treatment, and getting clean water to remote communities.

PLEASE SHARE!!! Yogic Chai will donate 35% of your order during the month of August to SaveTheChildren.org in an effort to support their humanitarian response in East Africa. To make a purchase go to: http://www.yogicchai.com

To read our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/e8c6E

Together we can make a difference!

Ricardo Dacosta
Yogic Chai

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do you have anything besides chai? I prefer the more unflavoured teas…

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