Mel said

Montreal, Quebec City, and Maine...any special tea spots?

I am taking a last minute trip to that area. I am planning on going to David’s Teas. I didn’t know if there are some places to stop at.

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I am going to be in Maine 8/15 to 8/25 and plan on going to Dobra in Portland, Me as was suggested to me. When will you be there?

Here is some info I found online…

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Cofftea said

That’s what the Places tab is for. Check there.

What is your problem? Why do you have to be so rude to someone asking such a simple question?

I’m certain this was just an error in judgement and cofftea merely forgot that not everyone uses the places tab and the best way to make sure you don’t miss the best spots for tea would be to ask fellow, friendly steepsterites. And upon realizing this gross oversight she will promptly apologize … your right never mind, I forgot who we were dealing with.

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You make excellent points Seattle and Aisling.
Also, most local tea houses are in fact not logged in the “places” tab, or if they are, the info provided is so minimal/incorrect/marketing oriented etc, it’s hardly worth looking. AND for a person new to this site, that tab in particular is terribly confusing. Not to mention that each location/employee will provide a different experience.
I’m sure that fellow steepsterites could provide a more personalized and relevant answer.

Mel: sorry, I don’t know any of those places, I wish I could help!

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Dorothy said

I have not been to Montreal in like 10 years, but I buy a lot of stuff online from Camellia Sinensis. So I’m gonna assume their tea room is worth a try. ( or check the Places tab too)

While this thread is on the discussion of the Places tab, I’d just like to remind everyone to post info on their local tea rooms. You might know where all the great places are, but others don’t (obviously). There is a place I visit nearby often enough, and I only just now put information on the Places tab.

Hope you have fun on your trip and get to drink lots of awesome tea, Mel! :)

Uniquity said

Camellia Sinensis had good reviews in the Places tab as well. I too wish that more people logged Places!

Oops, I didn’t see that you’d posed about Camellia Sinensis as well. It looks like we may have posted around the same time, but I think that’s just further evidence that they’re worth a visit!

I agree that if we all tried to contribute to the places listings we’re familiar with it’d be great. It could be a great feature but it’s usually pretty forgotten about.

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Mel said

I use the places, and I’ve looked. I even looked on Yelp. I just prefer to ask to know if anyone might be from there, like maybe some tea shop has the best chai in the world, of course I would want to try it.

Rach- I am leaving the 8/13, come back 12 days later. I will have to check Dobra out. Thanks for the website.

I am looking forward to David’s Tea! I will be going to the location in Quebec City! It’s not like a Teavana, is it? Thanks for the input. :)

Uniquity said

There are two Davids Tea’s near me and i enjoy them. I enjoyed them more when I was new to tea as they are big on flavoured teas and I think that they are more pricey than they need to be, but there are some real gems hidden in there (again if you really like flavoured teas or tisanes). I have never been to a Teavana but from what I have heard, read and researched they are quite different. Of course, your experience will depend on your tastes and your sales clerk, but the prices and claims (about health, etc) are wildly different at Teavana than my experience at David’s Tea.

You’re welcome Mel. Hope you have tons of fun. Also looks like we will be there about the same time. Small world. :)

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I’d suggest Camellia Sinensis. They have locations in both Montreal and Quebec.

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TeaGranny said

Good Question! I’m going back to Mtl soon too and will try to check out Camellia Sinensis as well.

I love David’s Tea but I also really enjoy many flavoured teas and tisanes. There was a Teavana at the mall in West Palm Beach when I was there in June but I didn’t go in, I already had a suitcase full of cheap YMY Gen Maicha and Hoji Cha from Epcot Japan ;)

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