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Herbal Tea - Global Industry Trends & Forecast Analysis

Herbal tea is made by steeping or boiling herbs, which is an infusion made from plants except Camellia sinensis. Flower tisanes, for example, rose, hibiscus, lavender and chamomile are generally used for making herbal teas. Leaf tisanes, for example, lemon balm, French verbena, lemongrass and mint are also used in preparing herbal teas. In addition, root tisanes, spice tisanes, seed tisanes and fruit tisanes are used to make herbal teas.

The global market for herbal teas is segmented on the basis of raw materials, flavor type, product type and packaging type. Based on raw material, the global market for herbal teas is segregated into green tea, black tea and yellow tea. Green herbal tea held the majority market share in 2016.

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