That's a Fine Assam You've Got

I love a robust Assam in the morning, I’ve visited all of my local tea shops and tried all of them, in the end I found that my favorite is the Golden Sun Assam from the TeaCup.

However I have this nagging feeling that there are better Assams out there, in fact I’m am certain their are. Now I just need to find them. Looking to place an order in the next couple of weeks, just looking for some recommendations. One that caught my eye is the Marangi Estate FTGFOP1 from Upton.

What is your favorite Assam?


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Assam Banaspaty from Davids Tea! but then I don’t have much experience with them just yet- I’ve only tried maybe four Assams so far. In fact, I have trouble distinguishing them from Ceylon at times! (bad Indigo, yes I know! haha)

Shame on you :)

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Kitty said

Upton has an awesome choice on Assams. I haven’t tried their Marangi, although I did have TeaGshwenders and wasn’t overly impressed (but their teas are also not packaged as well so maybe it wasn’t as fresh). I will likely order Upton’s Marangi.

Harney’s Nahorhabi and Mangalam are also very nice.

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I LOVE KTeas Glenburn Khongea Second Flush Assam (Golden Tips). It’s amazing. I don’t know that it’s my favorite, but it belongs right up there.

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I liked those I received from Especially the Assam Margherita and Assam Orangjuli.

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Thanks for the suggestions I’m going to look into those, I may be buying a lot of samples in the near future. :)

I agree with Kitty about Harney & Sons choices. Fair pricing for both, actually a great value! The fuller leaf Nahorhabi should be somewhat smoother than the broken leaf Mangalam. Both estates produce great quality Assams. Just make sure to leave a couple tins for me! :)

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Doug F said

The Marangi looks beautiful. I like Mangalam Assams as well and recently finished a batch from Upton, but it looks like they are out of it now.

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sherubtse said

I too really enjoy a nice Assam, but I like it to be quite tippy. If I can get a good one, I’ll drink it any time throughout the day.

For example, the Halmari Estate Assam FTGFOP1 (CL) from Capital Tea is a real beauty!

Best wishes,

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Metropolitan Tea Company and the English Tea Store both have nice Assams from the Borengajuli Estate and Tarajulie Estate. If you are ordering from them you might want to check these out as they seem to produce consistently good products.

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