OolongLily said

What Drives You To Drink?

Tea, that is. I had a long no-alcohol stint because of some medical stuff and tea became one of my alcohol replacements for those, “oh god where’s the whiskey” or “I’m driving to sea world to punch a dolphin in the face” moments. I can do alcohol now but I find myself still using tea for those moments if it’s earlier in the day.

So, just for fun and curiosity… What drives you to drink tea, and what tea do you go for? Doesn’t necessarily have to be one of those hulk-smash moments. Just anything where you think, “oh god, I need a cup of tea”.

For example, today, my family is driving me crazy, and I went straight for an oolong formosa (from utopia tea).

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Sometimes it’s not a what for me but more of a who. For example people at work drive me to drink tea. I tend to keep the herbal teas in the office to retreat to them and my happy place when they start driving me bonkers.

But sometimes I just want to treat my self after a regular day and I’ll go for something from Joy’s Teaspoon and serve it in the pretty tea pot my husband got me when we were dating.

Angrboda said

I think there are people like that at work places world-wide. Mine certainly has one or two. :)

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I tend to want it more when I’m in a relaxing mode. If I’m stressed I dont feel like tea -or anything, really.

Hey, you are still around. Good for you. You are probably not nice. Sorry, folks poke fun while seeming not. Stay well.

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I need to cut out soda pop. I’m a big girl, and I’m trying to lose weight. When I’m hungry, I have a glass or two or three. :)

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For me alcohol is a social thing, I really don’t drink much, bit to much of a control freak for that. Occasional on a really stressful day I’ll pour a glass of scotch. But I digress this has nothing to do with your question.

For me it’s not so much that I ever say that “I need a cup of tea” probably because I always have one. :) For me its normalcy, as I’ve stated before that for me personally tea is very ritualistic, some traditional and some of my own. I wake up every morning and make a cup of tea, I then sit at my table looking idly out my window at my plants or nothing in general sipping on my tea, thinking and composing myself. I reckon its my way of preparing myself to face the world.

Then every evening as soon as I get home from work I make a cup of tea and pretty much follow the same ritual, as a way to decompress, relax and put away the cares of the world.

For me gong fu cha is especially so, it allows me to block out everything else around me and be alone with my tea and my thoughts.

I realize, a bit late I admit, that this is probably not what your looking for and a bit flowery for my own tastes, but I went through the trouble of writing it, I ’m not deleting it now. :)

MaddHatter said

Tea is becoming this for me. I am not much of a “drinker”, I hate “loosing control” too.

But ever since I made the switch from coffee to tea, partially because of heart concerns and partially for my waist line, things have become different.

Ivi said

I like that you have a sort of ritual… I’m working on getting myself used to something like that as well.. I think it would be good for me.

chaijeeyah said

Same as you, I need a cup of tea as soon as I get from work. I need it more than I need food :) It’s for the same reasons, it slows me down, relaxes and puts me in a regular mode, non-hectic one. After tea I am more focused on preparing meals or whatever I have to do next.

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Oh gods, well School for one thing.
I usually have to get up pretty early to get to campus, so I’ve gotten into the habit of brewing up about a quart in the morning and then spitting it into thermoses to keep me from being tempted from spending $$$ in the hated and delicious cafes that are scattered around campus like little caffeine dens.

I like all sorts of morning teas. Some mornings I want something strong and black. Others, I grab a fruity something or other to make the gloom of foggy Alabama mornings more cheerful.

I also like to drink dessert-y teas in the evenings while studying. Anything with a lot of vanilla or cocoa in the blend usually works. Then I get the bene of having a smooth lil’ caffeine boost AND something sweet that won’t go straight to my hips.

The third reason I drink is because I like educating people about tea. Since like I said, I am a commuting student, a lot of my friends who live in the dorms don’t have a lot of tea choices since they aren’t allowed a hot plate or anything on campus. I’ve converted a few of my friends to loose leaf and it is always an awesome thing to toss my extra thermos at a friend who is having a bad day. The Brits totally have it right, y’all. Tea does a world of good for broken hearts, bad grades, and fights with your parents.

MaddHatter said

“The Brits totally have it right, y’all. Tea does a world of good for broken hearts, bad grades, and fights with your parents.”

So true! So True!! My mother in law drinks tea for any reason, but I know that when I am upset for whatever reason she will always have a hot cup of tea and cream on hand when I need her to bend an ear.

Your m-i-l gets an A+ in my gradebook yo.

Double bonus points if she has fresh baked goods!

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MaddHatter said

This question is really great!

I have just started drinking tea a few short months ago, and I did not really take stock of what influences my tea selection until I stumbled across this thread. I do have some teas tucked into my cupboard at work that I lean on at certain points in the day.

Like yesterday, when the child who I don’t understand pulled another stunt yesterday that ended badly for him, I placed him on a time away and reached for one of the many citrus flavoured black teas I have.

Or the fact that I came home to an empty house, and a husband who is boycotting my texts and phone calls (because I apparently never answers his calls or texts) I ran a bubble bath, made some “Mama’s Little Helper” and disappeared into a book, before I came to thoughts of “I’m driving to [Vancouver Aquarium] to punch a dolphin in the face.”

My mornings start with “Jungle Ju-Ju” over ice, because the caffeine in this one is incredible, that and I have yet to find a black tea that has enough kick to get me going. My mid-day teas are usually teas I can share with my kids at work (nothing wrong with making tea lovers at a young age) so I mostly have fruit teas and herbals during the mid day. The end of the day just depends on how the day ends.

But I am also new to this world of tea and although I am LOVING how versatile tea is, and all the many things you can do with tea, such as using it to cook, or bake with, or even to just relax with, there is so much out there to learn about!

OolongLily said

Yeah it’s kinda fun to think about how tea seeps into our lives and finds little niches in our day. I can’t think of anything else that can fill those niches like tea can either.

That’s really awesome that you’re exposing kids to tea! How do they like it?

And I might have to try some of this Jungle JuJu I keep reading about. Is it a jittery caffeinated feeling at all or just like good tea caffeine on steroids with no jitters or crash?

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april-girl said

I don’t really have to be driven to drink. Just about any excuse will do. I used to drink lots of coffee and Diet Coke. Since I’ve switched to tea, I feel so much better and have more energy. I still have an occasional Diet Coke or cup of coffee, but am officially a tea fanatic! I’ve always been a fan of black tea and added green tea a couple of years ago. Recently I’m experimenting with oolong and white. I love honeybush when I’m craving a “sweet.”


MaddHatter said

Mmmm, oolongs are my favourite! I always feel decadent drinking them, because they are so expensive and yet happy because you can steep the really good ones more than once! (yes, I did pay for an oolong that only lasted one steep! eep!)

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MegWesley said

I’ve been trying to kick my soda habit and I’ve been using it to help control my hunger urges. I recently realized that I used to eat when I was sad or upset or even bored. Even now, I can find myself wandering around trying to find something to eat if I get really bored. Brewing a cup of tea and drinking that is a whole lot better than eating a big bowl of chips when I get bored.

MaddHatter said

No doubt!

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Angrboda said

I’ve been pondering this question for a few days, but I’m not sure I’m getting any closer to an answer.

I have never felt the need for an ‘alcohol replacement’ as OolongLily put it in the original post, because I’ve never drunk alcohol that way. I don’t like alcohol. I don’t like being around inebriated people and I don’t like being inebriated myself, I find it very unsettling and unpleasant. On top of that, I don’t like the flavour of alcohol either or the way it feels in the esophagus when swallowed. I like wine with a meal or a glass of champagne at New Year’s or other moments of celebration, but one or two glasses is enough. After that, it starts tasting bad for me.

So times of stress and the like has just never been reason for me to turn to alcohol. Under such circumstances I’m much more likely to go and rant and rave about whatever the bothersome thing is on my LJ account. I find it works better anyway, because there always seem to be someone around there to offer support and/or advice.

So that sort of thing doesn’t inspire tea thirst in me. What does then? I don’t know, really. Lots of things.

If I’m bored… Well, I can always go and make a cup of tea.
If I’m tired… Better get some caffeine in the old system.
If my snack-stomach is being demanding… Maybe I can cheat it with a caramel or vanilla black? (Or a mix of the two, which, when the stars align, can be downright heavenly)
If I’m inspired and want to get writing done… We’ll need some fuel, then, won’t we? Feed that muse!
If I’m reading a book… break out the slanket and the teacup and settle in for a good number of pages.
If I see someone on Steepster posting about something, for example a Keemun… hey, I want some of that too.
If I’m freezing… Gotta have something to warm me up.

I could go on, really. It would probably be more interesting to ask me what makes NOT want a cup of tea… (And the answer to that, by the way, is simple; when I’m sick.)

Unless of course…its a medicinal tea, right? ;)

Angrboda said

Well, yes, but under those circumstances I generally turn to tisanes which don’t really count.

I agree, I’ve never used alcohol to drown my sorrows. I’m not a fan of being around out of control drunks, etc. I’m turning more and more to tea or other outlets ie art to chase away my blues.

@Angrboda: I guess that is true. I am so used to saying, “Tea” when I mean either actual camellia sinensis or herb drinks.

Angrboda said

Most people do. :) It’s extremely rare that I have any sort of tisane, though, unless if I’m sick, so it’s easier for me to make the distinction.

I have to ditto this one! There are countless reasons to drink tea and none NOT to drink it! (Well, minus my wisdom tooth surgery that prevented me from drinking it for FIVE DAYS!!!) Love it for any occasion :)

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What drives me to drink? Everything!!
I do it for my health (chamomile, mint etc) and for my cravings! If I go too long without tea… do NOT get in my way :)
— also, being in a particularly funky mood will inspire me. or needing to get some work done. Also, feeling sleepy. This list is not meant to copy those above! but tea is SO multi-purpose…
As my 11yr old neice would say, I’d marry it if I could! :P
(don’t laugh too hard, how many of you wouldn’t do the same!)

OolongLily said

Hah! Yes tea would make a decent husband. Warm and comforting. Knows just what to say after a terrible day.

MaddHatter said

I still can’t help but to laugh Indigo, tea doesn’t complain if I get too distracted with other errands to clean the house… ;)

OolongLily: yes, it really does know just what to say! Nothing else can make me less angry with the world after a bad day and i t has so many different “faces” that I never get bored! ;)
(can’t cheat on something that’s always different!)

Erin: LOL no it doesn’t!! It just sits patiently, until I’m thirsty…
Oh tea, how I love the…

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