Plain, milk, or sugar?

Hey everyone! How do you take your tea, what weird things do you put in it? Or do you drink it exclusively plain like I do, so as to preserve all the natural nuances of flavor?

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agave!! I find it tastes more pure than plain ol’ sugar :)

though I’ve been meaning to try coconut milk to!

oh and milk, sometimes. Mostly in black tea

DaisyChubb said

Yes to all!
Agave over sugar any day :D
Also, I just bought a can of coconut cream.. only 30% water.. drool! Maybe I’ll make some chai in it… maybe I should get back to work lol

oh and I do try and stay plain as long as the tea isn’t black…

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It all depends on the tea. For green,oolong,and white tea I put nothing in it. It depends on herbal. If the base is hibiscus I might balance it out with agave, or german rock sugar. For black if it is a dessert tea I will usually put sugar and maybe a little cream.

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Spot52 select said

All of the above- at times. I prefer just water and leaf, but at times I like to add. My least favorite is sweetener. But honey and Rooibos is great.

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Angrboda said

I don’t put anything in mine most times. Every once in a blue moon I’ll add either milk or sugar (cane), but it happens very rarely and almost always only if I’ve somehow over-steeped or something and am trying to salvage the cup. It happens that I put in a little milk just on a whim, but it’s extremely rare.

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Uniquity said

Almost always ‘au natural’ but occasionally will use a little dot of honey to try to redeem a terrible tea, or maybe a bit of milk in chai (but I loathe milk and find it frequently takes over).

Agreed! The only time I ever use milk is to soften an unbearably bitter tea.

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Ian Krouth said

I put a little honey in my greens almost without fail, because I just can’t take the vegetal flavor otherwise. Certain savory teas occasionally get the honey treatment, like formosa oolong or a spiced white blend I have…those are really more by my current mood, though, I drink them with and without. I rarely use sugar but sometimes I’ll make a Thai tea with it or sweeten up a really fruity blend.

Ian Krouth said

Oh, and milk. I use milk in my Honeybush Hazelnut when it’s hot because the creaminess factor is amazing. I usually cut Assam or Earl Grey with milk because those are both too harsh for me otherwise.

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Dinosara said

I never add anything to my teas, partly because I drink them at work and don’t keep sugars/milk around here, and partly because I prefer not to overall. Usually if a tea “needs” milk or sugar to redeem itself, it’s not a tea I’ll be drinking more than once.

The only thing that I’ll always sweeten is an iced hibiscus-based tisane… I do love a good cup of sweet-tart hibiscus tea.

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Talk about a loaded question!:) The only, ahem, “weird” thing I put in my tea is unsweetened almond milk, which I use exclusively in full-bodied black teas of the kind I prefer. I would not dream of adding anything to oolongs or green teas.

I don’t use sweeteners in hot tea, but I will add a bit of stevia to a pitcher of iced tea.

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K S said

Odd man out here. I almost always use sweetener in hot tea and almost never in iced. All in what your tradition is I guess.

SimplyJenW said

You are not so odd…..I do this, too!

And for me, milk nearly always ruins hot tea…..

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For me, it really depends upon the tea. Generally, I will taste a tea first without adding anything, and then if it needs something I add it. As far as “weird” things go, I guess the most unusual thing I’ve added to tea is a pinch of salt on occasion. Good in the Maple Bacon tea from ManTeas as well as the Tomato, Basil and Black Pepper tea from 52Teas.

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