Pekko said

What are your top 3 Teas?

Hi guys, just wanted to start a discussion to find out everybody’s top 3 teas and why?

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Angrboda said

That’s funny you should ask. I just now finished a post about my second favourite tea. :)

Basically, if you give me a Chinese black from Fujian, I am guaranteed to love it like whiskers on kittens.

1. Tan Yang Te Ji, from TeaSpring. ♥♥♥♥♥ A Fujian tea with cocoa notes and a touch of pseudo-smoke on the second steep. It’s absolutely wonderful and fitting all parts of my day. It has all the elements in a plain black that I love. My ideal tea.

2. Bai Lin Gong Fu, no particular favourite brand chosen yet. It’s similar to the Tan Yang which makes it a close second on the Favourite Scale. Also a Fujian tea, of course.

3. Now this is a little more complicated. I’ve never really consciously decided on a third favourite. Not that I’ve ever sat down and really thought about first or second favourites either, those just happened as I drank them. I think, in staying with the plain blacks, my third favourite would be the Lapsang Souchong from AC Perch’s. I love the smoky teas and this particular LS has just precisely my ideal balance of smoke and fruity sweetness in it. Oh and look! LS is also originally a Fujian tea! Gosh, who would have guessed. :D

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I wish I knew how to choose just three! I have a bunch in my “fave” pile, but just three? oooh, I don’t know about that.
Strawberry white peony, Whisky white from David’s tea are at the top of the list… and my third choice is up in the air between about five other teas. I’ll get back to you on those :P
It’s definitely a black tea… likely a ceylon or assam

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ssajami said

Only three? Oh, mission impossible! I love blacks, like a strong Assam. I love Orange Rooibos (currently drinking Fusion Tea Rooms Citrus Burst). I love Bai Mu Dan.
But I also love vanilla, and chai, and my dark oolongs…

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3?!? Impossible I say! But if I had to narrow it down then I guess I would choose.

(Yes I am doing this backward to make it as climatic as possible)

A nice tippy Assam, still looking for the perfect one though, Golden Sun from the TeaCup is nice as well as some from the Harmutty estate.


Indonesian purple oolong. It is quite fantastic.


No surprise here, definitely a dian hong, I like a quality golden curl and for something richer the aged arbor leaf from Yunnan Sourcing is amazing.

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thomas said

some jay-z Lyrics suit my opinion quite well:

“I don’t want much […]
Some nice cooked food, some nice clean drawers”

so, give me a nice and decent green tea without any crap and I am happy. that’s 1, 2 and 3. :)

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Good question. I don’t have a favorite tea so much as a favorite tea of the moment. Currently my favorites are: 1) Casablanca twist. 2) Candycane black tea and 3) Citron Green. That could change as easily as the wind though. Come fall who knows?!

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3: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea’s Raspberry Earl Grey
2: Adagio’s Valentines
1: Jasmine phoenix pearls… I’ve yet to run into a brand I don’t like. <3

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Nik select said

3. Teas Etc. Honeybell Blossom (
2. Teas Etc. Lemon Ginger Snap ( (Especially with the addition of freshly grated ginger in the infuser.)
1. Samovar Ocean of Wisdom ( (Although I also agree with Kim re: jasmine phoenix pearls)

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I’m with Mysti. My faves at the moment…

1. Just about any oolong. I’m partial to my own Blue Beauty Oolong…but I had Samovars monkey picked oolong when I was in San Francisco and I was in heaven.
2. Todd and Hollands was the first tea shop I ever visited and I fell in love with their Lung Ching. Still one of my favorites to this day.
3. I have never tried an Assam that I couldn’t drink. The smell alone puts this on my top 3.

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Excelsior said

1. FF Darjeeling Namring Upper SFTGFOP1 (Mariage)
2. FF Darjeeling Jungpana SFTGFOP1 (Mariage)
3. Alisan Oolong with Kinmokusei
Could have listed most of the premium FF Darjeelings from Mariage. Seen lots of reviews for their second and third tier teas. Yet no reviews on their best Darjeelings. Yes, they are really expensive, but for the quality, aroma, and taste, Mariage is second to none when it comes to Darjeeling teas.

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