What are your top 3 Teas?

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SimplyJenW said

For the moment…and I need two lists….one for flavored teas, and one for traditional ones…..
1. Keemun Mao Feng (just about any one, but Harney’s is the favorite)
2. Harney’s Queen Catherine
3. Harney’s Earl Grey Supreme or Viennese Earl Grey
1.Harney’s Black Currant
2.David’s Buttered Rum
3.Harney’s Valentine’s Blend

I have so many others that I like, it was very hard to narrow it down!

Anna Vu said

Oh… How is Viennese Earl Grey? I’ve been looking for more Earl Grey brands, especially one that is a bit stronger in taste (I do enjoy Harney’s)

SimplyJenW said

I don’t think it is really stronger in the bergamot, but maybe in the base. It is still very smooth. Maybe more of a malty base? Can you tell it needs more testing?

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Dinosara said

I’ve been thinking about this one, but I’m really not much closer to being satisfied with a list. I’ve had a few amazing teas recently (ATR’s Milk Oolong and Toasted Fig, Golden Moon’s Coconut Pouchong), but I’ve only tried them once yet, so it’s hard to call them a favorite even though I think they’re amazing and totally could be a fave. Reflecting more of my current loves…
1. Harney’s Jasmine Pearls
2. Dammann Freres’ Coquelicot Gourmand (or maybe Macaron Mangue Jasmin?)
3. Harney’s Paris or Tower of London

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Anna Vu said

1. Special Blend from Amber Tea. My first love would be the black teas I get at the Persian supermarkets so following that line of thought, I went into a Persian market and grabbed a random plainly marked black tea bag at the market. The tea was absolutely lovely from the scent to taste and it’s definitely my favorite tea to introduce people to.

2. Puripan’s Earl Grey Supreme (though Samovar’s Earl Grey is also on part with this tea) – I’m sucker for some earl grey with soy milk and a bit of sugar and love this blend since even though I put a splash of milk and sugar, the tea’s flavor doesn’t wash out but rather brightens instead.

3. Puripan’s Tartary Buckwheat Tea – definitely has the roasted flavors I really enjoy and also a fun element to blend in with a green tea to add another dynamic to it.

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kuanyin said

At this moment and always subject to change: Yixing hong cha from Jing Tea Shop (I plan on trying Dragon Tea House at Ebay for it, but I really stocked up on it, so not for a while!) Yunnan Rare Grade from Upton and Dan Cong red tea from Jing Tea Shop.

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MaddHatter said

Oh boy! What a question!!

I know I enjoy the fruity Oolongs that are carried by DAVIDs and if I had to narrow it down I’d say “Citron Oolong”, I know that as far as Black’s go it’s hands down ""Chocolate Storm" (by Murchies) but it is so tough to pick just three! I will say these two will always be part of my permenant collection.

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Caitlin said

I think I have 4 favorites – NYC Breakfast (Tavalon), Red Republic Chai (RoT), Coconut Chai (Zhena Gypsy) and Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut (Stash) – I suppose if I had to pick only 3 I would eliminate the Coconut Chai.

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This is a difficult question for me to answer, because my top teas of all time are the teas that I flavored/blended – and since I no longer flavor/blend them, they aren’t available. I haven’t found any teas that rival those though.

And then there is Dawn, which is one of my all time favorite black teas, and it is no longer available either……

So… of teas that are available:

Earl Grey from thepuriTea (although… this one is not currently available… but it will be back in stock soon I hope!)

Farm Fresh HuoShan Yellow Bud from Chi of Tea

Ali Shan Oolong from Norbu (Preference to the Fall harvest)

If I could add a fourth, I’d add the French Vanilla Assam from 52Teas (although this one is not technically available any more either, unless someone “rescues” it from retirement)

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My favorite teas change from day to day or week to week, but my current favorites are:
1. Vanilla Comoro from Harney and Sons
2. Lapsang Souchong Black Dragon from Upton
3. Rose Congou from Upton

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1. White Silver Tips Pu-erh
2. Red Jade | Hong yu black tea
3. Bao Zhong Pouchong

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Matcha Green Tea (Stash is a favorite)
Ceylon Highland Green Tea
Wuyi Oolong Tea

My tea knowledge seems limited to Matcha and green teas by this I mean most green teas. In not naming anything specific, categorically it would be:
Green teas
Oolong teas
Pu-erh teas

I don’t mean to exclude other teas.

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