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Chinese tea

China is the hometown of tea, the study of tea is very deep. From the Tang Dynasty tea Saint Lu Yu’s “Tea Sutra” came out, the history of Tea monographs no less than five hundred or six hundred, spread so far also has Baiyu, this is the Chinese tea culture unique rich cultural heritage. Tang Dynasty seals the “Seal’s Smell” Vol. Six “Drink tea” remembers a word: “The slave son takes money to reward of tea doctor.” “refer to people who can fry tea and master tea.” Lu Yu was named “tea Doctor” by emperor.
But some people can find evidence that the habit of drinking tea is not only invented by Chinese people, but also the evidence shows tea was planted in other parts of the world. Such as India, Africa and so on. In 1823, a major British invading army found a large wild tea tree in India, and some people began to identify the birthplace of tea in India. China, of course, also has the wild Big Tea Tree records, is concentrated in the southwest, the record also contains the Gansu, Hunan individual regions. Tea Tree is a very old dicotyledon, which is closely related to people’s life.
Because of the different methods of preparing tea and drinking tea, the contents of each generation of tea books are different. Each generation of tea is the epitome of tea culture, from the Tang Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, the general reflection of a process from the complexity to the simple, back to nature. The Tang Dynasty “to the flower drinks tea” the matter is considered is the evil wind scene matter. Tang, Song Prevails “Tea Regiment”, “Tea Cake” (brick), make, prepare tea, drink tea procedure most complex, tea Regiment also often add the fragrance such as Dragon Brain. The characteristics of the Song Dynasty from the emperor to the scholar-bureaucrat daxing fight tea, the pursuit of changes in the surface of the pattern, enjoy the lively competition, the tea courtyard. Ming Dynasty is a big turning point, society advocating the God with man, advocating to nature, tea no longer pay attention to the valuable spices, also do not fight tea, the true fragrance of tea mentioned first, created a bubble scattered tea, the way continues to today. And the Song Dynasty pays attention to the bubble of tea, and in today’s Western-style tea with the “bubble milk tea” reborn..

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Chinese tea is my favorite.

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Very useful! Looking forward to your next post.

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