ssajami said

TeaGschwendner Partners?

According to the TeaGschwendner web site, they are partners with Ann Arbor’s Tea Haus. Does this mean that the teas offered at Tea Haus are, in fact, TeaGschwendner teas? The tea lists on both sites are almost identical.

The reason I am asking is that I am deeply in love wtih TeaGschwendner’s Bosssa Nova Oolong, and my supply has, sob, run out. TeaGschwendner does not ship internationally, but Tea Haus does….

Does anyone know anything about this?

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Yes, they are the same teas. I’ve been to the Tea Haus (even wrote a review here about it) and spoke with the lady there. They are partners and so they sell the TeaGschwendner’s teas as their own. I’ve been pretty happy with the teas. They take a lot of care in storing them. Tea Haus just had a Groupon a couple of weeks ago.

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LauraR said

I know this to be true also. And I missed the Groupon. Grrr.

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