DukeGus said


I don’t know how old is Steepster but I guess there should be an introduction post for new members. *Sorry if there is but I couldn’t find it :)

So hello from Greece, I’m a university student and I love good quality tea. I have mainly drank Chinese and Taiwanese tea.

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ssajami said

Welcome! Greece, one of the most beautiful countries in the world….

I get Chinese tea from Dragon Tea house (on ebay). They have decent prices and cheap (often free) shipping. TeaSpring also has some good Chinese tea.
I recently received some samples from China-Cha-Dao (also on ebay), although I have only tried 2 of the samples I received, these samples were very good.

Enjoy Steepster :)

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My reply:

(I replied to your response on the Do you have a tea budget? Thread, and then I saw your post here.)


I have only been around for about three or four weeks, and I considered doing just what you have done (but haven’t for some reason :<).

In terms of introductions, I simply put information in my bio on my account page (http://steepster.com/account).
It took me a week or longer before I posted a bio; I recently updated it (Although I think it’s waaay too long. It’s a work in progress, like I am :) ).

Once I joined Steepster, I jumped right in by looking through the discussions, the tea ratings, and then posting questions, or replying to existing thread topics (or questions). I invite you to check out the bio’s of those who have posted things you like (tea reviews, discussion boards). Of course, do whatever you want! If you haven’t already, you may want to read the, “Discussion Guidelines (Read before …)” topic by Jason.

In a nutshell, that’s how I started.

There’s an interesting “Follow’ feature (basically gives you easy access to recent postings of those you follow), which someone else can explain, as I am still not certain of the value in it for me personally (although I understand there is value in it for others :) ).

Again, welcome! Read, post, drink tea and enjoy Steepster!

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DukeGus said

Simplicitea one more time thx for bothering to post, you are very active and kind too :) Cheers for the info!

ssajami I have stop ordering from ebay, I just talk to the sellers and get to know them. If you have a good relationship and learn the seller you can see if he just sells tea to get money or if he really loves tea.

Steepster looks very nice, I hope the intentions of the creators are pure, though I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Going to drink my last 3 gr of Cui Fei…really love these Taiwanese teas that are so smooth and you can’t get them bitter not even if you boil them for 1 hour xD
Though I don’t have much experience, though I have drank my small share of tea, I think that Taiwan has the best teas.

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Jason admin said

Welcome to Steepster!

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Angrboda said

Welcome and hello from Denmark! :)

Always nice to a see a fellow European. :)

(Suggestion: Shouldn’t there be a pinned post like this?)

I agree. It would make sense to me to have a pinned post.

DukeGus said

I agree too for pinned post for introduction :)

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