DukeGus said


I don’t know how old is Steepster but I guess there should be an introduction post for new members. *Sorry if there is but I couldn’t find it :)

So hello from Greece, I’m a university student and I love good quality tea. I have mainly drank Chinese and Taiwanese tea.

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ssajami said

Welcome! Greece, one of the most beautiful countries in the world….

I get Chinese tea from Dragon Tea house (on ebay). They have decent prices and cheap (often free) shipping. TeaSpring also has some good Chinese tea.
I recently received some samples from China-Cha-Dao (also on ebay), although I have only tried 2 of the samples I received, these samples were very good.

Enjoy Steepster :)

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My reply:

(I replied to your response on the Do you have a tea budget? Thread, and then I saw your post here.)


I have only been around for about three or four weeks, and I considered doing just what you have done (but haven’t for some reason :

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DukeGus said

Simplicitea one more time thx for bothering to post, you are very active and kind too :) Cheers for the info!

ssajami I have stop ordering from ebay, I just talk to the sellers and get to know them. If you have a good relationship and learn the seller you can see if he just sells tea to get money or if he really loves tea.

Steepster looks very nice, I hope the intentions of the creators are pure, though I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Going to drink my last 3 gr of Cui Fei…really love these Taiwanese teas that are so smooth and you can’t get them bitter not even if you boil them for 1 hour xD
Though I don’t have much experience, though I have drank my small share of tea, I think that Taiwan has the best teas.

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Jason admin said

Welcome to Steepster!

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Angrboda said

Welcome and hello from Denmark! :)

Always nice to a see a fellow European. :)

(Suggestion: Shouldn’t there be a pinned post like this?)

I agree. It would make sense to me to have a pinned post.

DukeGus said

I agree too for pinned post for introduction :)

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