How do others in your life view/experience your “relationship” with tea?

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Azzrian said

My “relationship” with tea is still budding. I am new to loose leaf tea and therefore discount all prior experience with bagged teas one can purchase at most grocery stores.
I am in the process of learning if I like my tea with sugar, or honey. Milk or no milk, which teas I prefer with either or both. Types of teas, origins, brew temps, its all still new to me. Tea and I are in the honeymoon stages right now. My family knows when I get into anything new I study it, I obsess about it, I sample all I can of it. So it is no surprise or shock to my family that I am doing so with tea. I have recently also developed an affinity for collecting tea cups, saucers, and bread plates. I have resorted to only two tea pots, one from China and one from England. I did purchase a tea kettle, not top of the line but good starter kettle – electric with preset brew temps etc. Everyone has been very supportive of my new addiction and appreciates the learning about teas that I am undertaking. My hubby is always interested in hearing what I have learned – a lot which has been off this site so far. Daughter is very happy that I have something I am into and my mother was sweet to buy me quite a bit of tea during the holidays. Hubby is even going to make me a way in which to store my china collection!
I have a wonderful family and while hubby is not into tea – nor has ever been into my coffees either, he will drink fruit teas with me – which really have no tea at all lol.
Since my exploration into quality teas I have cut down to one cup of coffee per day although now I am drinking tea non stop. :)

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Missy said

One day my fiance came home and told me about Teavana. His boss likes going to the store and recommended that we try it. I said, “Sure, lets do it! I like tea.” Little did I know it was the beginning of an addiction for both of us.

So far I’ve only had one negative experience with another. It was pretty tame. My tea cupboard was open and the person said, “oh god.”

For the most part I keep finding people who already love tea or love it after trying it. My daughter spent the night at her friend’s house this past weekend. When she returned home she told me she really missed drinking tea. She said she was sitting on the couch and getting warmed up. She thought to a cup of tea would have just made every thing perfect.

My mother likes to drink lipton’s iced tea. I have sent her some tea which should be close to the flavor of iced tea she currently keeps around. I think she’ll keep the loose leaf tea around for some time to come.

My younger brother just loves it. I sent tea to my mother but he is drinking more of it than she is. She is a pretty busy lady though. I should have him make it for her!

I feel pretty fortunate with my experiences so far. People around me accept it and are open to trying it. My fiance shares my love, so it’s some thing nice we can do together. This may change in the future. Only time will tell.

That fiancé sure sounds like a swell guy…

Missy: What a great story about your daughter. It good to hear you have had so many positive experiences!

Probably any non-tea-drinking person that saw my cupboard would be saying the same thing!

Missy said

That fiance is a rather swell guy. Should he ever forget to be swell, I have a large stick to convince him to go back to his previous behavior!

Missy said

Thank you SimipliciTEA. I’m glad my daughter can take time to enjoy tea. She generally rushes around at mach 10. I smile to see her be still and enjoy it.

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Fjellrev said

I’d say that my interest in tea has enriched the lives of other around me! Friends and family are all very accepting of it. While I was working at a bath products store, I even got all my co-workers into it. Makes sense, I guess. Essential oils and tea go hand-in-hand, in my opinion.

I really got my brother into tea. It’s great because what we sometimes do is buy different teas and swap samples with each other. He hasn’t bought any in a while though.

My mom always liked tea, but never as much as she does now because of me. Before she got a nasty throat infection which scarred up her throat and got so bad that she needed biopsies and surgery for it, she used to drink a pot of tea almost every evening. After two years of immense pain, things are starting to get better and now she can drink it again, but it depends on the type and flavour, as some still agitate it.

I don’t really see why an interest in or love/passion for tea should be considered weird since I know so many people who are in love with coffee and drop like $10 a day on Starbucks. Beer connoisseurs are always left alone too. Luckily, I think this new “trend” in the establishment of tea shoppes in malls and what not is breaking people in and making the general public appreciate tea more. I’ve spent many years working in retail, and I’ve always been pleased to see people walk into our store with a cup of tea in their hands.

I’m glad to hear you’re having a positive Tea effect on all those around you. Convert, convert, convert!

I too, think Tea is becoming more widespread. btw, here is an interesting post I ran across recently

Fjellrev said

Thanks, that was a very interesting article! I totally forgot about bubble tea. You see bubble tea places everywhere here too.

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Ptkelo said

My roomates sat me down eariler today and told me that they knew me before tea took over my life and that there are, in fact, other interesting things about me, so when they ask me “what’s new” I am no longer supposed to answer them by making them a cup of whatever I bought that day, or enthusing about any sort of tea ware. I am instead supposed to tell them what I have been up to in the time it’s been since they’ve last seen me. I’m confused as to what the difference is…

Wow. That sounds like an unfortunate situation to be in. I’m sorry to hear they aren’t more accepting of your passion around tea.

That’s one great thing about this site. You can share to your hearts content and no one will complain about it or judge you for being too enthusiastic about it (or if we do judge, we usually keep it to ourselves).

The reality for me is, there are a number of things I don’t even tell my wife regarding Tea (and she likes it almost as much as I do). And while most of my friends will listen to me rave about it, there seems to be little interest on their part. Still, the way I get to really talk about my passion is to have tea parties. Then, it’s all about Tea, and that’s most of what we talk about (and those who choose to show up to a tea party seem to be more willing to listen to all things Tea). That’s one of the best reason to have a tea party (of course, there are plenty of others …).

Anyway, I invite you to share your passion with us! I can’t guarantee you someone will read your review, or respond to any post of yours (I’ve had a few no one responded to), but there’s always someone who’s listening (least ways, that’s how I feel)!

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