Is there a list of search parameters somewhere?

There are many “common” tags, parameters, etc. used by search engines. For example, one I have found to be very useful is the ‘*’ character (the asterisk), which is typically used to indicate a wildcard character (look for any number of any character(s) that occur(s) in the given position with the other given characters, only). I tried using it to find Den’s Gyoruko (Den’s G*) and pineapple sencha (Den’s Pineapple *) since I wasn’t certain as to the exact name of each (and since there are six pages of Den’s teas listed in Steepster’s database, one-hundred in total). The results using the wildcard were very odd (not any of Den’s teas). So I had to find them the good old fashion way: look through the pages of results. It may sound silly, as it’s really not a big deal, but it would help to have a better way of finding things.

As a related question, do you know of a way to increase the number of teas displayed on a page (it looks like the default for my browser settings is 3×6 = 18 per page)?

These answers may be good ones for the FAQ, also.

Thanks for any help. :)

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Nik select said

I don’t think there are any search settings that we’re able to manipulate on our end, i.e. the number of search results, etc. Use as much of the name as you remember, and don’t use the wildcard asterisk because it won’t help you. I typed “pineapple den” and Den’s Pineapple Sencha was the very first search result.

Thank you for your reply, Nik.

I don’t know why this thread “percolated” to the top of the discussion list, as I have not edited it or done anything else to it (since I created it).

Nik select said

Ha! I didn’t even look at the date. I only saw that there was no reply and thought I’d try to help out. :D

Kittenna said

SimpliciTEA – a bunch of threads strangely did that a day or two ago, with no new replies or anything (presumably not edits either, as it was too many varied posts for someone to have gone through and edited a post in each thread). Oh well!

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WtFGoD said

not the easiest site to find things… teas, shops, even the discussions page randomly throws 1 yr old posts to the top of the list >.>

unless you know exactly what your looking for not a very convenient site

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what drives me nuts is trying to figure out if someone I am swapping with has tried a tea, well one of the popular ones anyhow. There are pages of notes and I usually give up! if only the * would help there…

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