Cream of Tartar for stained teaware

I wanted to share my revelation with Steepster: cream of tartar is the solution to all our tea stain woes!

I’d heard brief mention of using cream of tartar for some type of stain a while back. I’d been pretty upset about the accumulating stains on my Breville for months and meant to try the cream of tartar on it (I’ve tried everything I can think of), but didn’t get around to trying it till the other day. I did, and it’s magical. It lifted the stains with very little effort and left the Breville looking like new. I couldn’t believe it could get so shiny after how dingy it got. And, the tea I make and water I heat in it taste markedly better now.

So if you’re struggling with stubborn stains dig that cream of tartar out of the back of your cupboard, or go grab some! I just sprinkled some onto the effected area and rubbed it in.

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ssajami said

Amazing idea, thank you! Now I’m going to try to get my favorite teapot white again :)

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MaddHatter said

I never thought to cream of tartar, I have always used Baking Soda… I wonder if cream of tartar would be tough enough to get permanent marker out of plastic – hmmm, racing off to try!

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Thanks for this! I found that Finish dishwasher detergent (which must have acid or something in it) took away the tea stains on the strainer for the Breville after just a few washes. (It’s awesome!) But, I didn’t know what to do for the kettle itself, which I can’t just toss in the dishwasher. I’m going to go buy some today. :)

Huh. My dish soap hasn’t done anything for the basket, so I’ll have to look for something a little harsher! I’ll see if I can find Finish. I hope the cream of tartar helps on the kettle. It’s been great for mine.

If you can’t find it, I’ll send you some. It comes in those little tablets you just stick in the dishwasher detergent basket. My basket looks new again, but it took a few times through it.

Thanks for the offer! I’ll take a look next time I’m in the grocery store.

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ssajami said

IT WORKED !! IT WORKED!! so well, and so easily. Amazing! Thank you for the wonderful idea.

I have an issue with using various cleaning products (except for gentle dish soap) on my favorite teapot. I know it may all just be in my mind, but for the longest time, I can still smell the cleaning products and it really is unappetizing. This happened to my other (less favorite) teapot. Also, I’m a little paranoid that I won’t rinse it properly and end up ingesting various chemicals. So the cream of tartar idea is awesome! I never knew about this.

Now my teapot is sparkling white again – which obviously makes the tea taste better :)

I know what you mean about using cleaning products on your favourite tea things! This is so simple. I’m glad it worked for you.

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Thanks for the tip! Adding cream of tartar to my shopping list now for my Breville. I’ve had it since February and it sure has a “history” built up on it.

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