Rasseru said

Favourite YS 2017 productions?

So many puerh to try.

I know I like the da qing & the you le. And going to try the bang dong zi cha purple.

Any other suggestions of stuff as nice as the da qing?

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t-curious said

I’ve tried four so far, and below is how I rank them. Can’t go wrong with any of them though. :)

1. He Tao Di Village
2. Da Qing Gu Shu
3. You Le
4. Da Mao Shan

Rasseru said

Nice, thanks. What made the he tao di nicer than the da qing & you le? Anything you can put into words?

t-curious said

I should preface this by saying that I’ve only compared the four teas out of a yixing pot using 200F/93c water. I’ve had the He Tao Di out of a gaiwan but prefer the yixing for now.

I find the four teas have a similar taste profile of vegetal goodness and sweetness. It’s just that the He Tao Di has more of that flavor than the rest.

I need to go back through these teas with a gaiwan as it allows more flavors through. I’m just not as interested in parsing flavors ATM as I am enjoying the three or four intense, well rounded shots that the yixing delivers. :)

Rasseru said

no, comparisons in one pot is fine. I really like the da qing, it just ticks a load of boxes and balances really well. If the He Tao is similar but even more flavour then i will really like that

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t-curious said

I did a blind side by side tasting today between He Tao Di Village and Da Qing Gu Shu. 3.5 grams of tea into 70ml gaiwans, using 200F/93c water. I started with a 10s wash and then steeps of 20/20/10. At that point I needed to take a break and it was clear which one I preferred.

Some notes:

He Tao Di Village had a slightly darker soup, more overall flavor and better mouth feel. I also noted, “nice sweetness” and a “rich balanced flavor.”

Da Qing Gu Shu at the second 20s steep bitter was the predominate note, with some astringency. When I backed off to 10s the bitter note was dampened and mouth feel started to come on but not as nice as the He Tao.

Both are solid teas but my taste buds prefer the He Tao Di Village.

Rasseru said

I asked scott for a sample in my latest tea club & he forgot. I may just go out on a limb and buy a HTD cake, its cheap & i’m sure its a great tea anyway

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