Any other special falvor I never tried?

Most of black tea and green tea from Fujian I have tried. Is there any other good taste to recommend?

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Sirio said

(Black) Tong mu is a very delightful one. Muscatel grapes and fruity, some honey notes and a little hint of spices in later infusions. Kind of sweet with no aggressive sugary flavour or body.

(I tried Mei Leaf’s one)

Quite good, I like the sweet flavor of tea itself.Is it similar to Lapsang?

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Rasseru said

What-cha’s black variety is amazing. The Georgia Davit’s ‘Phoenix’ & taiwanese wild shan cha were both very fruity special black teas.

Really strange names for me. I don’t know the different between Chinese tea and other countries. Can you show more about that?

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Rasseru said

Maybe try the teas you like from Fujian but get it from yunnan to see which one is better.

I have had really good purple tea from jingu which was like white tea, and fruity, maybe jingu has good green and black tea you never tried.

Try green tea from Taiwan – from da yu Ling mountain or other high places.

Try some darjeeling or Nepal tea – i like spring first flush, but also second flush you should try.

Drink some sheng puerh! It’s a bit green. Sometimes :)

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You can try oolong tea from Fujian,such as Tie Guanyin and Da Hong Pao.As smileyeve said that White tea in Fujian is also good.

Yeh, I know that.
black tea and oolong tea will better for me I think, and I rarely drink green tea.

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