Novy said

Chinese tea or Indian tea?

which one do you prefer? whhy?

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I like drinking Chinese tea but I have never tasted Indian tea before. I hope I will drink some Indian tea in the coming days.

Novy said

Okay, looking forward to your feedback!

Rasseru said

Chinese tea because it has a wide variety of types. Indian tea because occasionally i need a break from chinese tea & want a darjeeling

Novy said

Yes, Darjeeling is famouse.

Smeb said

I like drinking Chinese tea. And I haven’t tasted Indian tea, but I’d like to try Indian tea.

Novy said

Okay, looking forward to your feedback!

I prefer indian tea, Masala Chai is always a winner for a breakfast pick me up!

Novy said

What’s the flavor of Masala Chai?

smileyeve said

Both are good. But I am more familiar with Chinese tea and enjoy exploring different types of it.

Novy said

Just like me.

Hezo541 said

I prefer Chinese oolong and green tea. But in terms of black tea, Indian Darjeeling and Assam are also good choices.

Novy said

I also heard about some kind of tea called Dark Tea and White Tea, do you know something about them?

Teaotic said

1) This is a false dichotomy.

2) Absurdly vague question. Both countries produce lots of excellent tea and lots of crap tea.

I’d choose a cup of EX invoice Goomtee First Flush Darjeeling over 99.99% of Chinese teas.

But I’d also take a cup of Hojo’s $3/gram Special Tribute Keemun over 99.99% of Indian teas.

Just dawned on me, since a couple of these vague ‘China v India/rest of world’ questions are popping up by users with new accounts, I wonder if China is supporting the Ghorka strike that is decimating Darjeeling tea industry? What a low blow that would be.

Novy said

That question are really hard for me. I never think about it. What I do was just drink tea,

I personally love Chinese teas but cannot resist a good fruity Indian blend. Although I honestly never had Indian teas with milk and sugar before.

Novy said

Hard to make the final decision.

Not really I’d take my Greens and Oolongs over Indian tea any day.

JasapavTe said

I prefer Chinese tea, but sometimes a good cup of Indian tea is a pleasure

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