Ricky admin said

Steepster Select #001 Discussion - August 2011 (SPOILERS)

For those who ordered the first Steepster Select Box, post pictures and discuss away! If you missed out on the first month you can sign up for the next month here => http://steepster.com/select


As a reminder, here are the teas included:

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Nik select said

I am seeing all the tweets about folks receiving box #1 and am getting very jealous. The person for whom I got a subscription as a gift will receive her first shipment today, but I am still (im)patiently waiting for mine. Looking forward to seeing you lucky folks’ contributions to this thread. :D

Jason admin said

So sorry (again) about the technical issues. Hopefully we’ll have it figured out soon.

Nik select said

Aww, no worries, Jason. I know you folks’ll get it sorted. =)

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SimplyJenW said

I will admit that I have mine, but don’t want to give very much away. The teas are listed above……I will say the package was a pleasure to open, and the enclosed materials are extremely professional. The packaging is as classy as tea in a zip bag gets. I have tasted two of the three. Both were very good. I am eager to see what others think, because I am kind of looking at this as an investment in my tea education. I am almost looking more forward to the discussion and comparisons of the tea, than drinking it…well, not really. ;) Drinking it is really the best part.

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Mine should arrive with today’s mail, according to the tracking. I look forward to receiving it. :) I probably won’t start trying out the teas until Wednesday though, because my husband has the next two days off and I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer on his days off.

I do look forward to receiving the box!

I did receive the box today… I am so thrilled. Yay!

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Just received mine. I have not tasted the teas yet but I will do so later on tonight. I was very very happy when I opened the box to see the bamboo strainer. I was about to order another one of those. Out of the teas I was the happiest when I saw the jasmine preal…..injustbran out of jasmine preal green tea from Samovar and was missing it.

I will write back when have tasted them.

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I loved receiving my box so much! And started trying things thing morning, both using the surprise gift and falling deeply in love from my first sip of the First Flush!

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spearmint said

I got my box on Saturday, I have yet to try any due to the whole moving back on to campus thing. Hopefully I will have the time one day after class or this weekend. That being said they all look and smell delicious.

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OolongLily said

Got mine today! Will have to wait on trying them though. It’ll be a nice incentive to get all of my web work done.

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I received mine this afternoon and will try at least one tomorrow morning. :D It looks great. Thanks so much!

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SimplyJenW said

I am curious about the Darjeeling…. Those of you who have tried more than I (three for me and counting!), how does it compare (to your favorite, maybe)?

The other two teas are more in my realm of experience, not that I am an expert at all!

Javan said

I am a newbie to Darjeeling. I tried the Makaibari yesterday and this morning, and really liked it, but I have no context for evaluating it against other Darjeelings. But that is exactly why I joined Steepster Select. It is already expanding my horizons. I am also about to do a little research on Makaibari and the history of Darjeeling accompanied by a cup of tea.

I didn’t care much for the Darjeeling. My favorite so far has been my Risheehat Darjeeling in my Cupboard. This one was too floral and a bit acrid to me.

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I didn’t sign up for August, but I just did for September. I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say about the August teas!

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