Steepster Select #001 Discussion - August 2011 (SPOILERS)

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Got mine! Thanks for the little bonus strainer!

The package: Three generous samples in resealable opaque bags. Perfect. I’m very pleased with how the samples came through, their amounts, and their packaging.

My opinions on the teas so far: Didn’t care for the Darjeeling, liked the Ginger Peach, haven’t yet tried the Jasmine Pearls.

Am especially pleased about liking the Ginger Peach. I wouldn’t have otherwise tried it as I’m not a big fan of flavored teas, so finding I like this one was exactly why I join tea clubs: to find unexpected “likes”!


I just tried the Jasmine Pearls. I like it. Usually the jasmine is too strong for my taste in such teas, but this is nicely balanced.

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Javan said

For those interested in further information on the Makaibari estate (turns out they are bio-dynamically farming and committed to not having a mono-crop) please see I’m now having the Ginger Peach tea and enjoying it as well.

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Just got home to my package today. Can’t wait to start digging in. :-)

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Anatta said

The Darjeeling is amazing!

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