sites to buy tea

I usually buy my tea at Teavana and I heard that they are closing.

Which sites do you guys usually use to buy tea? I tried Adigo tea and didn’t like it. Loved Davids tea though!


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Rasseru said

Depends what tea you like.

I don’t think there is any one ‘best vendor’, it’s all tea dependent

mrmopar said

I agree. Some specialize and others have a broader scope. If you know the type it is easier to get it narrowed in.

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I like all types of loose leaf tea.
I tend to like fruit flavored tea.

Rasseru said

Fruity but non-flavoured or flavoured by adding fruit pieces?

Like peach green tea.

Rasseru said

Ah ok, not my forte – I like non-flavoured Teas that taste fruity, like good oolongs or Puerh :)

Every one likes his/her own preferences. :D

Rasseru said

Yep! Part of the reason I like tea is that the variety is amazing.

Same here! :)

I work for Vahdam Teas and you might like to try our Pure Indian teas. We have some interesting organic Himalayan Oolong and White Teas that you might appreciate. We also have some great offers including a flat 50% on sample packs.

Sonu Singh said

It is realy my favourate and amazing tea. taste is unforgatable

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Ken said

Yeah, alot of the places are specialty tea stores.

Yunnan sourcing is Chinese tea, and specializing in puerh.
Teavivre and Verdant tea are general Chinese tea vendor.
Yunonmi is Japanese.
PMD and Monsoon mountain is Ceylon Tea.
Vahdam is a Darjeeling specialty store.
Taiwan sourcing, Fong Mong and Taiwan tea crafts is Taiwan tea.

I know there is a company for Vietnamese tea, but for the life of me I cant remember the name.

So there isnt really a best vendor, since many of the very good vendors, chose a specialty.

If you are looking for a general vendor of blended tea, maybe Tea spot? Im not big on flavored or blended tea.

Thanks for the good insight!

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AllanK said

I agree that there isn’t one best vendor. My favorite vendor from China is Yunnan Sourcing. The have a huge selection when you think about it. Mandala Tea is a very good US vendor. I agree that Teavivre is a very good general tea vendor from China. I also like a US vendor named Simpson and Vail for good quality teas at reasonable prices. I also have a local vendor named Clipper Ship Tea Company, I only list them in case you are on Long Island.

I worded the title wrong. Oops.
I’m looking for different sites to buy tea.

I’ll check that Long Island company out!

AllanK said

They don’t yet have a website and their full store is not completely back up after they had a fire but they sell very good tea. They are in Northport, Long Island. They can be found on Facebook and I think they do phone orders.They currently stock 103 teas but used to have around 250 before their fire.

Ah, I see. If I’m in NY I’ll check it out!

Garret said

Thanks for the endorsement about Mandala Tea, Allan! Much appreciated. And hello to you, Gamergirl001. Joy to you both, Garret

Hi! Ill check out that site!

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If you like flavored teas and want to support smaller companies, you may enjoy A Quarter to Tea, as they have a lot of fruity options available. Their teas tend to be pretty darn good, too. Quarter’s Spumoni is a personal favorite, and they have a lot of Limited/Seasonal things to choose from in small batches. (If you ever see their Coquito tea up, and you’re a fan of coconut, definitely nab it).

52teas has Sun and Cloud Mist, which is a lovely lemon cream number that is a staple in my home. They have new teas available on a monthly basis, so there’s always something different to try.

Whispering Pines Tea Company is exquisite, though they have more straight teas than flavored. Their Sleeping Bear Blend is a thing of beauty, and I’ll forever hold out hope of a restock.

If you want bigger, more established companies, American Tea Room is quite good, with a variety of options both in flavored and straight teas. Recommendation-wise, I’d say their Bliss is a great fruity option, and their Brioche tastes just like the real deal.

I see a lot of people already suggested some great companies, so I’ll leave this list off here. Good luck with your search.

Thank you for your recommendation! A lot of useful information and sites I’ll check out!!

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A good online tea site will be great for us to find what we wanted. I also like to search some good tea shop online and try different kinds of tea. If you want to try some Chinese tea, you can view online. The qualith is high and price is ok. Hoping you can find what you wanted.

Thank you!! I’ll check it out!
I’m up for trying different teas!

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Brett said

I don’t know if this is an appropriate place for a shameless plug, but my wife and I just launched We’re bootstrapping it ourselves, aiming to grow slowly and offer more and better tea as time goes on. Also, we started a YouTube channel which documents our journey of starting a business. As an added bonus, we donate 10% of all our sales to charity: water to fund clean water around the world. Check us out!

I’ll check it out!!

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lupehk said

Adagio and Stash are pretty reputable

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DavidsTea and A Quarter to tea are two great companies for flavored tea.
Townshend’s Tea is also another good one.

I love David’s Tea!
Thanks for the recommendations!

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Arby said

MY top picks for flavoured tea would be
American tea room

I LOVE Lupicia!
I’ll try those out too!

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