sites to buy tea

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I wrote a blog post with some ideas about more direct vendor sourcing options around the time this was being discussed but never mentioned it. Few enough producers actually also sell tea, but some do. The Halmari plantation in Assam comes to mind as an example, and I talk through others in this post, and resellers that are a lot closer to direct sourcing options than most vendors:

There are many choice. What kind of tea do you like better?

Preferably flavored greens. EX: Paradise green by Luicipa.

I like gyokuro from Teavana and monkey picked oolong.

Bluebird tea! Definitely some of the best quality and price match I’ve found. I like it better than Teavana- and I used to work at Teavana so that says something!

Ooohhh! I’ll try it out!

jpr54_ said

Upton tea
General vendors with a variety of teas
Marriage Freres
Palais des thes
Both have sites in English


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