Three Cup of Perfect Teas for Morning, Noon, and Night

A health lifestyle is our final ambition. Just try to use the right teas to improve your day, morning, noon, and night.
Yunnan Dian Hong Golden Buds Black Tea, the energizing drink.
Snow Buds of Green Tea,the antioxidant powerhouse.
jasmine tea, the calming drink.

What’s the three cups of tea belongs to you?

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Qimen black tea for morning, Lv Maofeng for noon and Pu’er for night.

I think the pu’er for night is too strong, and Does it influence your sleep?

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Garret said

If it’s anywhere during the 24 hrs of the day, I drink tea :)

That’s great. What’s tea do you drink? Maybe you will find that you drink different kinds of tea on different times.

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GalenTea said

Maybe you are right……But I think drinking tea is not a complex process

Right, It’s my drinking habits.
I enjoy this progress.

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Sarararah said

Green tea for morning, black tea for the whole day. Anyway, black tea is my fav.

Black is also my love.
It will be the best choice for the begining of day.

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Novy said

Green tea, always.

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Ralf said

Black tea for me 95% of the time. White tea 5% of the time. More specifically, PG Tips is my favorite. PG Tips regular or gold. I know that’s boring and nothing exotic, but it’s such a good base tea. If I’m drinking white tea, silver needle is really good or Bai Hao Yin Zen from David’s Tea.

I often drink the same type of tea morning, noon, and night. It’s always time for tea!

Tea is always a good partner for the boring day.
These white tea comes from Chinese I think. Do you also like the black tea here?

Ralf said

Yes, the white teas I like best are Chinese I believe. I do not think I have tried many (or any) black teas originating from China. Are they good?

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heybee said

Maybe the process is right and suitable for you.But I agree what the GalenTea said, drinking tea is a free life style which should not be fixed…

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EloGallHdz said

I tend to change around in with different teas. Green, Jasmine, Sencha, Black , Mint, and Camomile. Sencha is my love~. I am now taking an class in Asian tea and Tea Culture, and I am really enjoying it~. There is a lot of information and sometimes I get a little overwhelmed, but I am trying to do my best~.

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