Jason admin said

Win a free Steepster Select tea box for September!

UPDATE: Drumroll. And the winner is…OolongLily! (http://steepster.com/OolongLily)

Thanks to everyone for participating. If you didn’t win, no worries. Try again for the 2nd box here: http://steepster.com/discuss/1938-steepster-select-october-giveaway

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to start a little monthly contest to give out free boxes from our new Steepster Select Tea of the Month Club (http://member.ly/steepster-select). Each month we’ll create a new contest with a new task and then randomly pick one lucky participant to receive a free tea box for that month.

To start things off, answer this question:
What theme you would like to receive in a Steepster Select tea box?

For reference, this last month was/is “teas that are great both hot and iced”, but you can say anything from “teas that would be good in outer space” to “teas flavored with cardamom” – get creative with it so long as it could reasonably make for a tasty selection of teas.

As an added bonus, if we decide to actually use your theme, we’ll send you that month free. Good luck!

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Meeka select said

It would be great to see a box with tea from some of the lesser-known tea-producing regions of the world. I realize this is kind of subjective…but I mean mostly nothing from China, Japan, India, Taiwan, etc.

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Ricky admin said

Flavors of the four seasons… surprise fourth tea?

Jason admin said

Ha, is the money for the extra tea coming out of your paycheck? ;)

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C-chan said

I’d like to see teas to tease your tastebuds.

Somewhere between the play on words and the alliteration, I think it would be fun. :)

Jason admin said

I like the alliteration and pun too…did you have an idea of how that might actually translate into specific teas? I’d be interested in what teas it brought to mind.

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T joy said

I think a fall flavor select box would be great especially with fall just around the corner. Teas that smell like cooking with spices.

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Nik select said

Oooh… That’s difficult. “Autumn bouquet” immediately came to mind, since there are so many great teas made with flowers. But since, afaik, you can’t pick ‘n’ choose which boxes you receive once you subscribe, I reckon you’d want to include teas with broad appeal; there are probably too many folks who don’t like floral teas.

So instead I’ll submit “Sugar, Spice and All Things Nice.”

Ricky and C-chan, I like your submissions, too!

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I like the seasonal choices and the outer space idea as well. Maybe a tea for each planet? Of course it would be a multiple edition series.

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Izak said

Strong teas – teas with lots of kick. mostly black with deep flavor and dark color. Like a Lapsang Souchong for example.

Mix Teas – 3 different teas that can be mixed together based on some recipes in the box. Examples would be like a English breakfast tea: Keemun, Cylon, and Darjeeling where you could take the recipe and make a cup and then customize it to your tastes.

Best on for last, Earl Gray Month! – A white, black, and a pu erh earl gray for kicks. Dont know if there is a pu erh earl gray but something off the wall and unique for the last one. And please no creamy earl gray stuff.

Dinosara said

I just have to say, Cylon tea definitely has to be my new favorite tea type. Fits with teas in outer space, no?

Janefan said

I agree with Izak — Blend-your-own English Breakfast would be awesome!

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James select said

Let me start by saying I am not sure the feasibility of these two ideas, but you guys said be creative.

First idea: A set of teas that develop and change as they are re-steeped. I have noticed this with some of the Pu-erhs that I have, but I imagine there are other teas with this quality.

Second idea: Leaves from the same region or even plantation that are made into three different styles of tea. For example, the same leaves from a harvest are made into a white, green, and black tea. Or something similar to this. That way you could see how the curing process really changes the natural character of that region’s leaf.

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SimplyJenW said

What kinds of tea are typically ready in September? I know I am usually looking forward to the restocking of Chinese black teas about this time of the year. What about a season’s pick…more in relation to the seasons of tea than the actual seasons of Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Maybe call it a Fresh Picks or Fresh from the Farm?

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Traci said

For September, how about Harvest Teas as a theme. Teas that make you reminisce about the beginning of autumn when you were young. Teas that make you feel good or include spices/ingredients from fall favorites.

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