Win a free Steepster Select tea box for September!

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Stoo said

My idea and a personally essential one:

“Teas that jump start your metabolism in the morning like a defibrillator”

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I’m not sure if it’d be practical or particularly exciting, but I think it’d be cool to see a box with teas from the same estate or region but different flushes. I also like Gray Raven’s idea on the first page about teas from the same region made into three different styles. That would be really interesting.

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Tea with chewy consistencies.

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Oh, and have to second those that said a Pu Erh set.

If Steepster select goes on for years and years (and why not?), we will probably see a month for Sheng only, shu only, and flavored only. Maybe even all camphor-y pu’ers, all smokey pu’ers, all fruity pu’ers, all musty pu’ers…. on and on. Fun! But you’re right- definitely the intro is called for first.

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Angrboda said

I’m tempted to suggest ‘Teas for kittens’, but I have no clue what that would be (Whiskas flavoured?) and frankly I suspect it’s just me being influenced by having two kittens in the house. (I got two kittens recently. They’re awesomely cute and have the sweetest feet that ever had retractable claws. Has everybody heard? You have? Oh…)

Instead of that rather silly suggestion there, I should like to suggest ‘Friend Teas’. Things that are good for sharing with a friend, either in person or in a virtual setting, because I’ve met some really lovely and generous people here, some of whom I’m sorry to say I’ll probably never get the opportunity to meet in real life.

(Don’t know if I’m eligible for this, but if it turns out I’m not can I still be in the drawing and gift it to someone else? If so, I can think of a few people I should like to nominate…)

I like your gifting idea! I just like thinking of kooky sample pack ideas, so I’m not really in it for the prize.

Hear Hear for “Friend Teas.” I feel like this is a fundamental thing. Tea is so much about sharing and chatting and sharing memories/etc, that a sample box can’t help but be an invitation to conversation and good times. That’s also so something I love about Steepster, so it would be a good match.

Finally- I know exactly what you mean about kittens. We’ve had our two kitties for a little under a year now (still awesomely cute!), but have noticed they have clear tea-smell preferences. They don’t drink it, but when their favorite teas are being made, they always jump up on the tea table and watch and smell intently, like good little students. Ace loves jasmine teas and fine sheng, and Cashew likes all things caramel-ly and dark, like Wuyi or roasted oolongs and fig-y shou pu’ers. Sounds like a pretty fun sample pack to me!

If you win, Ang, have it sent to me and I’ll get it to you. :)

Love the friend theme… and I agree. There are some awesome people here.

Angrboda said

Spoonvonstup, ours are about 15 weeks now. 15½ maybe, so they’re still very young. We got them when they were nearly 13 weeks so everything is still quite new. The washing machine for example was only discovered a couple of days ago. We’ve already seen them watch tv; I found it hilarious when they started watching washing as well.
They’re growing so quickly though! They’re definitely much larger than when we picked them up. It’s like you can nearly hear them grow.

They have shown some small interest in the tea making station, but mostly I think because they couldn’t work out what was going on up there and I’ve tried to discourage them a bit, because they get in everything and I’m afraid I might accidentally spill hot water on them.

QG, I actually meant for them to keep, because the people I had in mind to choose my nominee from are all people who totally deserved it. ♥

Ricky admin said

International peeps are eligible for this free contest :)

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Anna Vu said

Teas that will taste good even if I forget about it and drink it when it’s lukewarm.

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Jenny said

Keeping with the autumn theme, I think teas with a roasted or nutty taste (i.e. wuyi, genmaicha, corn tea) would be fun for the autumn.

Or as “Back to School” thing, maybe a set of “stronger” teas to get us out of summer mode and back to our early morning classes.

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Wow! Great ideas so far! I stand in the company of giants (looking up).

How about a County/Continent theme (which is possibly a variation of some previously mentioned theme): Green tea from China/East Asia, green tea from India/Asia (Green Darjeeling) and a green African/Kenyan tea (I know they produce them, I’m not sure how good they are, but I’d love to find out). I’m not sure how good the teas from South America or Europe are, but that’s a possibility too. Or it could be any other class of tea that at least three countries/continents make. As an aside thought, are there three countries that make yellow or pu-er? That could be interesting.

And as someone else already mentioned, you could provide interesting info (like to a website maybe) on each country/region or even a link (or Flash drive as was already mentioned) with music that is fitting for each tea (Chinese/African/South American), or even images for each region (Imagine sitting, listening to the Toucan’s call, musing over an image (on your computer) the lush rainforest on your screen as you sip the invigorating Yerba Mate!). You, know: Multi-media and tea!

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I have no idea if I’m permitted to enter this contest (do I need to belong to the tea of the month club?) but how about a flavour across the tea types sound? say, strawberry with a base of ceylon, assam, darjeeling, rooibos, honeybush, white, green, oolong etc. I’ve always wondered how one flavour translates across the tea varieties.

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A Sci-Fi Themed Package – that would be FUN and a conversation piece :)

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