Novy said

What's in your cup now?

Black tea for me, and you?

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Smeb said

A glass of pure water.

Garret said

Well-steeped raw pu’er.

GalenTea said

Also black tea. But it doesn’t taste well.

Pumpkin spice brûlée in a pumpkin mug!

Sarararah said

A glass of boiled water now, and I want some green tea while I just use out of it. Do you have any suggest.

Novy said

You mean the type of green tea or the place to buy it? For the type, I used to drink the Lvmaofeng Tea.

smileyeve said

Jasmine green tea. I bought it the day before yesterday.

Ralf said

PG Tips Gold

MrQuackers said

Cold brewed Gyokuro konacha. Top quality.

Novy said

Japanese Tea?

MrQuackers said


Dian Hong Black Tea is in my cup now.

TeaVivre said

Matcha in cup !

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