Best Tea Recipes

Let’s talk tea recipes! What’s your favorite tea recipe? Here’s our Green Tea Pancake recipe.

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This sounds interesting… I may have to try it the next time I make pancakes… although I would have to wait to stir in the matcha after I’ve made pancakes for the rest of the household because they’d think I was trying to poison them if I put green tea in their pancakes. LOL

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It’s so much fun to experiment in the kitchen! I haven’t tried this recipe for Chilean Sea Bass and Oolong Tea Roulade, but it sounds interesting:

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Or this Tea Scented Sponge Cake with a Honey Tea Glaze:

Isabel said

mmm, seems yummy, I will try to bake it :) Which tea do you recommend?

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Nicole said

My favorite cake recipe with tea. Since it is sooo chocolate, you can steep the tea pretty strong and it won’t taste bitter.

Used Boston Blend from Harney for this creme brulee. – as you can see from my notes, it still needs a bit of experimenting. :)

I’ve also made homemade ice cream with Boston Blend steeped in the cream. Yum!

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Mel said

I love chocolate and earl grey together. That combo is so yummy. I made truffles with it. There’s a book called Culinary Tea, which is the most inspiring cookbook I’ve seen for the last while.

I need to finally make tea marbled eggs! I have been putting it off. I want to make thai tea ice cream… I would probably add some condensed milk to it, take some sugar out.

I did for a class sweet potato pancakes with kashmiri saffron chai syrup.

I seriously wish I could take a month off and try every recipe I want to!

earl grey truffles? drooling. I’m a big fan of orange chocolate. seems like it would be similar.

Wow, that sounds so yummy. We can’t wait to try it!

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DaisyChubb said

I just made some whipped shortbread with a flavoured black tea and infusing the butter, check out my recipe here:

I think simple cookies or other recipes with a high butter or cream/milk content are best for tea infusion – I highly suggest you try it out!

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LOVE matcha and have been putting it in everything I can think of.
Two favorites:
Matcha yogurt: 32oz Stonyfield whole milk plain yogurt (yogurt snob), 1 tablespoon matcha powder mixed with equal part demerara or turbinado sugar (sugar snob) (to break up the powder), 4 tablespoons maple syrup.
Chocolate/matcha covered strawberries: mix one part matcha powder to 3 parts powdered sugar. Dip strawberry into chocolate, then into this powder while chocolate still soft.

Experiments with matcha cheesecake were a failure. Not sweet enough, and when added more sugar the texture suffered. Does someone have a recipe that works?

Some years ago saw a tea leaf salad – simply was spent whole leaf tea leaves in a vinaigrette.

Mmmm I tried the matcha yogurt recipe yesterday and it was such a great way to make yogurt more interesting. So good! Thanks!!

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MaddHatter said

I “cheat”? Any baking package that calls for water, I steep tea really strongly and use the liquid in place of water. And if there is left over liquid I add it to the icing or topping or whatever.

Last night I used a Duncan Hinz lemon cake mix and I steeped an herbal lemon tea to use in place of water, and I doubled the amount of leaves while steeping, and the left over liquid I add to icing sugar and butter to make a lemon flavoured butter cream icing.

Or a few weekends ago I steeped “Blazing Strawberries” tea to add to pancake mix, the left over liquid I cooked down strawberries and white sugar to make a compote… DELISH!

MaddHatter said

I use teas that I am not a fan of drinking in baking and cooking. I have been told that the Lapsang Souchong that I could care less about is great when steeped and used to cook meats – it would work, I just haven’t had time to try (I guess I am waiting for the next time the hubby wants pulled pork sandies)

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Tea popsicles, everyone. Make them while the summer is still hot!

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Azzrian said

mmm, I’ve made similar but with black tea. Very good! (from yan can cook’s website, he’s so awesome)

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