MaddHatter said

It's tea time!!

I’m just curious what time is it where you are? What are you drinking? And would you share it with a Stranger invited to tea?

It’s 7pm here, I’m drinking Cinnamon Chai Rooibos, and I doubt I’d share it willingly with a stranger.

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DaisyChubb said

Happy tea time!
It’s 8:40 here, and I’m drinking Exotica and sharing with a not-so-strange boy next to me. And I would share it with a stranger! I plan to have many tea parties in the cold snowy winter, but until then, online tea party it is ^^

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Isn’t it always tea time? :)

Its 8:20, I’m enjoying a lovely dian hong, and anyone who stopped by would be offered a cup and a bit of chocolate.

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It is always tea time for me. At the moment, it is 8:27 and I’m drinking the last little bit of Ola’s Garden (my third infusion of these leaves).

I don’t often share my tea mostly because my husband won’t drink it, my youngest will drink it on occasion but it’s a bit late to be giving her caffeine, and my oldest likes tea but she prefers the flavored honeybush teas and Moroccan mint teas.

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It’s 10:30 here and earlier I made my wife and I a small pot of honeybush. She is getting excited about the possibility of trying some dessert teas this fall, and I wanted her to try a common ‘base’ tea for many of them. She agrees with me that the taste is unique, but she’s not sure yet whether or not she likes it.

I would be more than happy to share this tea with someone, even a stranger, as long as they didn’t stay, you know, too long.

Sharing tea with others is MUCH more enjoyable for me than drinking it by myself (well, at least most of the time). I’m always doing whatever I can to get my wife to ‘like’ whatever I’m brewing. And whenever I visit and stay with friends/relatives, I always bring tea to brew and share. :)

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Angrboda said

It’s currently 6.24 in the morning and I’m not drinking anything. Just had breakfast though. Leaving for work in about 20 minutes.

I almost never have tea in the morning on work days because I don’t have time to drink it before it’s time to leave for work anyway. If I’ve got some cold brewed I might have a glass but otherwise not until I’m at work.

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Jenn said

It’s always tea time for me as well :) It’s 9:49 p.m. and I’m off to brew a new pot.

Sleep schmeep! We don’t need no stink’n sleep.

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ssajami said

The whole day is tea time! I don’t think there is any part of the day that I don’t drink tea. I do however, move to decaf types (usually tisanes) further on in the day.

Right now it’s 830 in the morning. I’m having delightful Yunnan Tips.

Share? Always. Most people are sort of intimidated to ask for tea in my house because I have so many different kinds and flavors and they don’t understand much about them. So I always end up making them a cup of whatever I’m having at the moment (unless it’s pu erh, which sort of scares people for some reason).

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SimplyJenW said

I started my tea at 6am, and am just now finishing a the pot and it is just after 7:30am. I tried a sample of Upton’s new Season’s Pick Hint of Rose. I did fix it hot even though it is recommended for iced, but then I am a lover of light rose in my tea.

Would I share it with a stranger? Not at this hour of the morning!

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10:42 am. Sampling some darjeelings for I love to share and I love meeting new people, so yep, always! Come on over.

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Ian Krouth said

11:16 am. I’m at work in the tea shop, drinking a big cup of iced lamongrass maté. It’s been a long week and I have a ten hour shift today, I need the jolt!

And I ALWAYS share my tea! I am of the firm belief that one is required to share three things in life: love, tea, and pie.

MaddHatter said

Mmmmm, Pie! lol

woo for love, tea and pie!!

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