It's tea time!!

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MaddHatter said

I went tea shopping with Mummy today, and we bought enough tea to sink ships. (btw, I got a free hemp bag from DAVIDs when I spent over $65, I feel left out from other shops)

Right now I am drinking Raspberry Oolong from Tea Desire, not bad, the buttery oolong against the raspberry is delish, I would share this.

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Bloody Yanks, no consideration and with no regard for anything sacred dumped tons of king tea into boston harbor! The only way that could have possibly been acceptable is if you’d been considerate enough to pre-boil the ocean, but no, you couldn’t even do that, ya’ll deserve Brittany Spears.

Now re-read the above with a british accent, trust me its about a hundred times funnier, or perhaps its just me. :)

Anywho I feel like I should be cut off this thread but its just too addicting, who laced it with opium, Erin I blame you! (Can’t bring myself to call you Jack Layton, slightly creepy :). Btw the name change, slightly annoying, only cause it took me a day to figure out who you were again :), so much for my powers of observation)

So its almost ten in the evening and I just finished a sitting of purple indo and considering helping myself to a dian hong golden tips before bed, i realize that I shouldn’t. My brain says no but my heart says yes, you know the old saying God gave man two organs but only enough blood to use one at a time. … wait .. that doesn’t quite work here does it?

MaddHatter said

No worries, I liked being called “Madd Hatter” so much during summer camp, I figured that would be easier to take. As it was explained to me: “We’ll page you as Madd Hatter, since you are just as mad for tea” (ha-ha)

It is actually laced with Mate! ;)

btw, I got a seriously good giggle out of your first paragraph!

HA I paid attention this time and followed your name change quite swimmingly if I do say so myself. :) I like it. I’ve always been called the cheshire cat, apparently my smile makes me look like I’m up to no good, whatever that means.

Mate huh, makes sense, that stuff really is quite addicting and dangerereous if you leave it to dry on a wood stove … not that I know anything about that, just that it, uh, sounds like a bad idea.

Fantastic thread btw, I really want to update it every time I enjoy a cup of tea, I figure I may actually get voted out of the forums though.

@MaddHatter: I like your new name, and I love your new avatar! Very stylish, and I love the colors.

Summer camp counselor? Day or stay camp? I did a stint or two as a summer day camp counselor years back (I love working with kids). My camp name at the time was Thor, as I like Norse mythology. I hope calling it ‘mythology’ isn’t offensive to anyone. I don’t know what else to call it. : )

MaddHatter said

I don’t think anyone will be upset as it is usually taught as Myth and Legend?

I work for a company that provides morning and afternoon care during the school year (and it branching out to Daycare); we also offer Christmas Break and Spring Break Camp as well as Summer Camp. Since most of the children are “returning customers” I guess you would call it “continuing care”

We used walkie talkies for large out trips (when more than one company site was at the beach at once) and since there was 3 Erin’s, 4 Jenn’s and 2 Ryan’s someone had the brilliancy to create handles for the walkies – and I must admit I was impressed with how well people knew me for only being back with the company for 9 months at that time. Today is my anniversary date! Exciting!

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It’s 8:15 in the morning, and I’m about to make a pot of Mom’s Apple Pie to try and tempt my wife into waking up. Not sure it’ll work, but here’s hoping. I’m going to spend my day drinking as much tea as I can and recovering from a crazy work week that’s only going to get crazier next week. But hey, a job is an awesome job, and I am loving it! And one location I’m working at is just around the corner from a DavidsTea, so it ain’t all bad!

MaddHatter said

Nice! :)

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MaddHatter said

I started making Caramel Toffee, to ice,but then I sat down and I am not sure I want to get back up again… I guess this weekend has been a little busier than I had thought – because I am kinda ready for bed and it is only 6pm here…

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It’s 9:17 here. I just made us our first small pot of the Vanilla Rooibos from Village tea. Our first Rooibos ever! Woo, hoo! The dry leaf smells just like tobacco, in a good way. Great ruby red color, smooth taste. I would be happy to share it with another.

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MaddHatter said

This morning I am sipping Carnival (Winston’s Tea Company) I need the mate, and the chocolate! It is going to be a long day of re-doing paper work for the first day of school, crap!

I would make a huge pot for this, so long as the stranger was willing to help with all this paper work!

DaisyChubb said

Oh my gosh that carnival tea sounds like the perfect thing to get you ready for the day! yum.

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MegWesley said

It is 12:47 in the afternoon, and I just got done dumping out the rest of my cup and pot of Lipton Cinnamon Apple. It was my first time trying this tea and it didn’t taste very good. I am working my way through my sample tea bags that I collected at the beginning of the year from my roommates.

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I am drinking tea in mass quantities these days, mostly caffeine free. Right now I’ve got a cup of bigelow decaf green tea. Simply lovely :)

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It’s 4:20 here.

This is basically a journal about my recent tea experience. And it seems to me that this thread is an appropriate place post it. Although this is kind of a journal post, it’s not really personal, so am still open to feedback, relatedness, comments, etc. or I wouldn’t put it out here. My guess is at least one person out there will take something away from this. : )

Just got back from a local café type restautant drinking iced tea all afternoon with our meal (Crepes and bagels. Awesome). We drank two RoT teas: Ginger Peach and a non-flavored black. I thought that both tasted OK. My wife thought the Ginger Peach tasted stale. I noticed that neither had what I think is called the finish (I’m a total noob on describing the flavor/body of a tea). After the ginger taste, there was nothing there. The flavor just dropped off into nothing. I think we are both becoming more discriminating about how the ‘iced tea out’ tastes, especially now that we drink better quality iced tea at home.

Still lots of people there drinking coffee. :(

I can feel the slight jitteriness in me, probably from the caffeine of the black tea, but a year ago when I was drinking coffee out—even when I would mostly drink decaf—I would feel even more ‘juiced up’ (most of the time I don’t want to feel that way, as I am consequently not very present). That’s why I am sitting here drinking my iced second steeping of my green tea from this morning—to help calm my racing mind.

We popped into a small, somewhat up-scale grocery store on our excursion, and I looked at the tea they had to offer (all in boxes/tins). They had tons of RoT tins, lots of Bigelow boxes, a few Twinnings boxes and tins, and even a few varieties of Mighty Leaf, and one of Two Leaves and a Bud. I scanned for the classes of tea they offered: lots of black and green, a number of herbal, a few white, but not one single oolong (I looked fairly carefully, so I doubt I missed it if it was there). I was thinking of your recent post, @K. S.

I am glad though to see more quality leaf showing up in grocery stores, though. My local grocery carries Adagio and Mighty Leaf in pyramid bags, and possibly a few other quality tea bags, and they even offer loose leaf in those bins commonly used by grocery stores to store bulk items in (Tall, clear cylinders with a hinged whatever at the bottom to control the flow when you open it). That’s cool; I haven’t tried any yet, as I question the freshness of it. But it shows me that loose leaf, and higher quality leaf, must be becoming more popular.


Oh, and on the sharing the tea question, at the café , sure I’d share. Well, not really. I’d just say, “Go get your own!”

MaddHatter said

hahaha – “But I don’t want my own!”

I agree about the loose leaf in bins… Clear storage degrades the tea, and I would never buy tea from clear containers (I can hear the husband: "Yes, I am a tea snob!) But to hear that Adagio and Mighty Leaf are starting to pop up in grocery stores is making me quite happy! Mmmm, Maybe I will see them soon!

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MaddHatter said

It is 6am and the first day back at school… I must say that I am looking down the barrel of a VERY long day! eep! and it is an early start for me. Not what I would call fun! 6:30am-9am and then 11am-5:45pm; which will actually translate to 6pm or even 6:30pm.

So it is a Mate morning!! I wish I had Jungle Ju-Ju (DAVIDs) but this Carnival will do the trick – and today I would not share it; I’d say: “No this is MINE!” but you can make whatever I do have in my cupboard.

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