Jordan said

Place to Buy Good Pu-erh online

Anyone know of a good place to buy Pu-erh online? (other than Teavanna & Samovar)

I really enjoy the Strawberry Slender from Teavanna and the Blood Orange & Royal Palace from Samovar. So if anyone can point me in the direction of some Pu-erh goodness it would be much appreciated.

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You might want to visit: for Pu-erh teas; their Little Bear Tea is a diet & metabolic blend.; they carry Pu-erh and Detox teas
Or directly from:; this site claims that drinking Pu-erh black teas lowers the cholesterol and helps to loose weight.

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Javan said

I have purchased pu-erh that I like from Pricing of the mailing varies with the type of shipping so choose accordingly.

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